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Flame - Let's Go
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1: Man our sin is disgusting to God/ He looks and hates our lust and our pride/ we’re corrupted inside/ the road to destruction is wide/ trust me I know/ I held yay while clutching a 4/ in a rush just to blow/ I just hustle and flow/ so I know the street life’s attractive/ know the price of your tactics/ cause Christ comin’ back and there won’t be know lights camera action/ the fact is your going in circles like backspins/ from sin you’re trapped in you don’t see it’s ugly like cracked skin/ my passion’s/ you see the pain of His lashes/ and get with the Rock more solid than Dame Dash is/ for Christ we’re mashing/life’s everlasting/ picked up our cross and we carry it on our backs then/ so just consider us witnesses of the truth/ presenting the gospel message we’re spittin’ in the booth/ so if you really want your stressin’ relieved/ have faith like George Michael man confess and believe

Verse 2: Lend us yo’ ear yo’ this situations like do or die /Hush, shut-up, callete, say “no se” no way you know I /Gots 2 Go Get ‘Em I sick ‘em with my mouth open wide /From the front to the back from side to side we gon’ evangelize /We tellin’ stories ‘bout the Truth therefore this ain’t no lie /We so fresh so clean we purified ain’t no compromise /Whether you like it or not / We on yo’ block on ya block /We in yo’ hood in ya hood / Even if yo’ block is hot /WHOAAAH! UH OH! They gettin’ frust-er-ated /I don’t think they get it let’s bring it to ‘em like them Laymen state it /Confess, Repent, Believe J-E-S-U-S can’t be faded /Get to hell don’t see us heaven was ya home now ya homeless man you ain’t make it /Now you wanna come back and tell us, I prayed you woulda felt us /Radio wouldn’t play us TV wouldn’t show us and them record stores wouldn’t sell us /They hated every time we mentioned / They ain’t want you to listen /Church Boys Church Girls let’s mount up now what ‘omie lets Go Get ‘Em

Verse 3: These cats like Samuel L./ Jackson they actin’ swell/ Jesus is comin’ back and your access granted can fail/ these bodies are but a shell/ my buddies that body build/ these bodies return to the dust that’s why the body builds/ mean the body of Christ who know that the Lord’s real/ our hearts spill like Paul’s did at Mars Hill/ at Areopagus/ dirty it’s very obvious your life is opposite let Him transform you like Optimist Prime/ sometimes I feel like I’m talkin’ to walls/ when you resist like when walkin’ a dog when I’m barkin’ at ya’ll/ men are drownin’ in sin and we need a lifeguard/ life’s hard/ Christ saw what you do with the light’s off/ your in danger like red dots on your chest/ and God’s wrath you can’t block with a vest/ so you should stop and confess/ your sin you need a lawyer now your court cases/ ain’t got nothin’ on God’s judgment before grace is/ given homie