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Flame - Racial Diversity
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1: Let us remove any muzzle thatís been keepiní us quiet/ from speakiní about Jesusí died for a colorful bride/ He purchased a people from every nation tongue and tribe/ read the wordsin Revelations chapter 5 verse 9/ and you will see/ Godís pursuit for racial diversity/ and harmony at an infinite cost the emergency is/ for His people to that the urgency is/ for us/ to put much/ emphasis on diversity plus/ and itís hurtiní me cause/ that itís certainly us/ who ignore the purpose of Him dispersiní His blood/ at the center of the crucifixion/ though itís cruel and itís sickening/ we can see that God He has proved His intentions to us/ to be unified as kings and priests/ but since Jesus died seems like these things done ceased/ Sunday morniní see us separate/ early we awake/ to worship our God and go our separate ways/ why?

Hook: Let us be one in you/ the way you want us to/ multicultural as we walk together in love for the world to see (repeat)

Verse 2: Ask John Newton the same dude who used to trade them slaves/ was changed and wrote Amazing Grace/ an ex-racist/ he must of recognized that blacks like whites like Asians/ cause of Christ even have secure places/ let us pray this/ because a kingdom divided against itself will not stand in its places/ let us pray to be free from hostility/ from prejudiceness mistreatiní to peace and tranquility/ plus no more racist jokes no more suspicions/ no more disgust or ridicule among Christians/ donít call it black church/ donít call it white church/ cause when we look in the scriptures we see itís Christ church


Verse 3: Let us be concerned that we loviní the way we see Jesus loviní/ every ethnicity and every color/ cause this is Godís will/ can we hang out together outside of the church settiní?/ here on earth can we have a dress rehearsal for heaven/ that would be excellent just to see us worship together/ and hanginí out as we learn about each othersí endeavors/ I know it sounds scary cominí out your comfort zone/ but thatís the way its gone be when Jesus come takes us home/ so let us prepare an intentional plan and a way/ and come together and stop stayiní away from each other/ my sister my brother no matter your color I love ya/ letís be like Jesus and start prayiní for each other