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Flame - To My Heart
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1:(Flame) I thought I could trust you/ but dawg Iím disgusted/ I thought you were innocent/ til I read the 5th verse in the 6th chapter of Genesis/ since its been nothiní but inconsistency in my life/ I hate you I wish I can take you and break you tonight/ because Iím tired of your suggestions/ Iím tired of all your reflections/ Iím tired of you sayiní sex is the best way to ease pain/ insinuating I should sin in a situation you similar to Satan ever since Eve came/ and Adam sinned now within I enter a battlefield/ injured filled up with sin and Iím bound to bust like a bladder will/ why do you torture me/ often caught up in forgery/ signing my name on sins that I knew I shouldnít have committed/ feel like Iím losiní Iím choosiní all of the foolishness/ disturbing my peace like you ludicrous/ feel like forget it/ but Iím a fight you because I really donít really like you/ invite you? Iíll never trust you again

Hook:(Flame) Iíll never trust you again/ and if I ever trust you again just know its just the lust thatís within/ its just the wrestle within/ but when He comes to rescue His men/ youíll never ever sucker me in/ no never ever again/ My greatest enemy pretends to be friends/ but itís the inner me that needs to be cleansed/ since weíve seen the second person with in the Trinity win/ marked the day of my enemies end/ Iíll never trust you again

Verse 2: (Shai Linne) Chill with the sob story/ and give God glory/ Iím feeliní your conviction but what you spittiní is really fiction/ inaccurate depiction not based on holy inscription/ so listen to my diction to get my proper description/ imagine a cave and there your mind, emotion, and desire/ after your saved is where youíll find devotion to Messiah/ conflicted desires collided inside its divided but God can unite it provided you desire to fight it/ you actiní all surprised you got a wretchedly mind/ like you ainít read Jeremiah 17:9/ we both know what Adam did to us in the garden B/ your still suppose to love the Lord your God with all of me/ Iím called a heart but see Iím not a bodily artery/ pardon me but honestly you were improperly guarding me/ cause whether itís the T.V. or CD/ or DVD easily Iíd speedily greedily eat what you feediní me/ if you ainít buildiní me up you knockiní me down/ which makes your deeds come from a heart of darkness like apocalypse now/ the best advice I can give you is learn about mortification/ the Lord is so patient Heíll bring you to glorification/ you ought to respect the grace the architect the plan/ if water reflects the face the heart reflects the man/ so to sum it up the point Iím cominí to Flame/ not trustiní me is not trustiní you because weíre one in the same/

Verse 3:(Flame) Yeah, yeah I know we one in the same/ and I know that Iím wrong for shiftiní the blame/ but what Iím sayiní is if you tell me to sin/ never again will I trust you again