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Flame - Break Bread
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1: How you liviní and you donít know Christ in your life you crapped out dirty and I donít roll dice whatís your plans if we all goiní die denyiní His name you donít know whoís flyiní them planes in the New Yorkís sky you donít know whoís lickiní shots at aTyson fight and if itís safe for you to go back to Cali tonight man itís Godís words Iím just being His hype man and we gotta keep it beaminí like only the light can I ride the block on my 10-speed bicycle I seen so many die and others end up in the hospital more than a little but they donít say on the news look at your heart naw better yet look at your shoes do they travel down the road to destruction that leads to death and put your soul to corruption if I was you I would make a U-turn on the road of life before I burn get to know the Christ

Hook: Break bread with us/ sit down and eat/ choose your meal itís real either milk or meat/ you see the milk is for the simple and the meat is for the deep itís time for the church to talk with the streets (repeat Hook)

Verse 2: I seen cats pop ďecsĒ then next lose they head like a guillotine now weigh that on the scale of your triple beam itís heavy ainít it? Matter fact itís scary ainít it but thatís a portrait or a picture that the hood painted but sinís got the definition of good tainted but we deny the Savior the One that could change it and would change it if we really wanted change but we really want a chain and we really want a Range-Rover do anything but remain sober I pray for you for when God says game over soldier no more penalty flags on the play I read the Bible know its fina be sad when He say ďDepart from Me you worker of inquity, I knew you notĒ I do not know you, you werenít cold or hot you lukewarm throw you up ainít no pimps in heaven gettiní crunk holdiní cups


Verse 3: Itís sorta like a C-section fam you need new procedures in your life born again to be new with Jesus man new like them Jordy sneakers do away with the old like them big boy beepers fam itís sorta like the block you on you need a spot after death you can call your own man but remember two places to dwell one is with God in heaven one is with devils in hell fam itís sorta like when Pac and Biggie died you couldnít believe it but please believe it man all of us are leaviní man and ainít nobody else can save us but Jesus can tryna tell you man that life is short a lot of brave men are breathiní on life support we all sinners in need of a savior God ainít takiní Dís in the grade of behavior