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Flame - Welcome
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Hook: Welcome to a place where the guns donít pop/ but a place where the fun donít stop/ homie/ to a place where Jesus be/ and we donít even need a Jesus piece/ homie/ welcome/ to a place where we follow the Bible and we donít even need jars of dro/ homie /and ainít nobody tryna grind for shine/ cause Jesus is the star of the show/ and thatís real/

Verse 1: You ask us where the guns at homie where the weed at/ we like kill that homeboy we donít need that/ instead of the heat weíll be where G-O-Dís at/ so we reachiní out with open arms like where your sleeves at/ I notice something catsíll die for they reputation/ they rather die disiní God and to get with Satan/ but on this side we collide in anticipation/ of Jesusí second coming written in Revelation/ we donít grip steel sell crack none of that/ we live life in light of the fact Heís coming back/ so while they squeeze clips blood crip gang banging/ east coast west coast down south slanging/ Midwest nina poppiníseeiní Jesus hanginí/ on the cross resurrectedí and you still thinkiní/ that you cool without His grace is crazy/ its a slap to the face of the God who made me and you


Verse 2: We kissed the world goodbye/ and its love for women its love for sinning/ simply because His love is in us/ we kissed the world goodbye/ and its music too that musicís confused dudes like a rubrics cube/ homie /now we plugginí into Christian rap/ so many lyrics about Christ a make a Christian snap/ and wanna spread love to a thug with a nine milli/ and I ainít playiní this time dirty and Iím silly/and every movie and commercial that makes fun of us/ like South Park with wicked hearts that come up/ and comic view and Islamic dudes that do it too/ one day the Bible say theyíll pay homage too/ the very King that they mocked and laughed at/ the Bible says at they very plots He laughs back/ so we gone love our enemies and we gone have fun/ as we patiently wait on the return of the Son/ homie