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Flame - Cross Movement
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1: Iím gonna go back way back like í99 when Christ exchanged my mind it was divine used to rap in the world before I rapped in the church heard gospel rap and said this could happen to work so first thing I got rid of my cds that were secular said that if I really wanted to see Jesus I would get rid of them replace them with these cds that were preachiní and teachiní promoting Jesus took a trip to the Christian bookstore just to get equipped so can look more like Christ in my listening choice didnít know enough scripts to consider His voice so I stepped to a smaller section even though it was small it had a broad selection of all cats spittiní gospel rap was blown away dawg in the zone that day man

Verse 2: Had to have spent a hundred bucks unraveling wrappers of cds as I run to my truck really excited and happy as Iím poppiní them in drenched and drowning in verses full of doctrines of men but nothiní that made me really wanna stop in my sin I was robbed my God they were pulliní hostages in but yet this was all I knew so as far as I was concerned everything they said was cool but some cats I just knew wasnít spittiní the truth it all changed when I heard this particular group something new but I couldnít really explain these dudes werenít afraid of saying Jesusí name and at the time this was considered as taboo rappers sayiní Jesusí name would make them a bad group Iím from the Midwest we like our beats slow they rep Christ over beats that were East coast

Verse 3: I thank the Lord and I thank J.R. the two that introduced me to CMR in the store that day was a gorgeous day cause of that moment we are where we are today I went crazy when I put them headphones on in the store so long thought I was dead and gone matter a fact the cd was House of Reps it turned 3D teachiní how to rep I wanted to follow the steps of Jesus more closer cause they gave the gospel more exposure than they did even in my church home for righteousness I hungered and got my thirst on though cats may come across and abuse it Lord you sparked the cross centered movement in my life you used the Cross Movement who always sticks close to cross centered music