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Flame - We Preach Christ
(from the album Rewind)
© copyright 2006, Cross Movement

Verse 1: If you were dyiní of thirst and I offered you some water to drink how hard would you think before you fought to grab my glass but if I told you your sin stinks but said you could still drink my water if you turn from your past and look to the present and look to the Father through Jesus Christ would you still want a sip of my water or would you die and dehydrate because of your mind state donít wanna just leave your sins on the altar listen I found that cats do wanna be saved but we wanna be saved from our consequences cause we play in our sin cause we stay in our sin so I pray how can I convince this generation of men generation of women that we sinners in need of a transplant in the heart I mean cause itís dark Hakeem naw I mean would you please understand that

Hook: We preach Christ in His fullness dawg in His fury and endless love/ Seek Him now and know Him as Savior seek Him later youíll know Him as Judge (repeat Hook)

Verse 2: If you were starviní to death and I came to your house with a meal how long would you chill before you fought to grab my food but if I told you your sin stinks but said you could still eat my meat if you turn to His truths or would you starve and die would you crawl and cry cause you really love cars and shoes or would you kill your pride and then spill to God ďmy sin natureís got me singiní the bluesĒ listen I know young dudes who hate to live I know girls who know where they rapists live and they hate this life and wonít take to Christ so they keep tryiní to escape with pills this is real thatís why I preach with passion cause my cousins Nick, Dennis, and Galisha is askiní ďAm I weak if I donít run the streets and look neat in my sneaks and expensive fashion?Ē


Verse 3: If you were born in sin and the Father sent His beloved Son would you surrender to Him or would you stay on the run or would you stick with your block listeniní to the rock speak slop just to chief with your duns listen your whole life is like a walkiní abortion you ainít even had a chance to live I got fam man Thisíl and J-son if not me listen to my mans and nem we certified teachiní people who ainít scared of God call us evangelists until we die preachiní that Jesus is God please listen to our stanzas kid yo