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Timothy Brindle - The Humility of Christ
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2005

Who'd assume that this could be?
God became Man penetrating into human history (Repeat)

Verse 1:
Forever before the creation or there was Satan
The Son was with the Spirit and Father in Glorification
Before worship of fire angels above
The Trinity was in a perfect Triangle of Love
Chilled with no one else
No need for others 'cause God is self-sufficient—filled within Himself
And we can only guess the conversation
but the Son agreed to rescue those the Father gave Him
And even though this Lord should be worshipped
He volunteered to take upon the form of a Servant
The Father commanded and asked Him to come
So now let's examine the fashion it was done
Let me ask you if you seemed confused with this
God passed through His own creature's uterus
and I admit this is odd, but the Bible can persuade me
an Omnipotent God was crying as a baby?
No doctors around, no spot could be found
To give birth to a Child- the only option in town
was to be born in feeding trough with breeding cows
and feces piles- the scene was foul!
It wasn't fancy but raunchy
how the Son of God was born next to camels and donkeys
What an awesome feat- He dropped so deep to cop His sheep
He didn't step down—He took a quantum leap
And I'm amazed how God, infinite in wealth
put aside His fame and limited Himself
to time and space with eyes and legs
He died to save a violent race whose sin would bring'em hell…

Hook 1:
Who'd assume that this could be?
God became Man, penetrating into human history
But He did it completely opposite than people thought He would
so unbelievers (are) mocking it (repeat)

Verse 2:
The Promised Messiah didn't come in the honor of sire
but humbly rockin' some modest attire
So people missed it- to be specific
The legalistic thought there king would be the richest
and we know we like commodities
but the Possessor of all riches chose a life of poverty
Wait, it's not the descendant of David is this?
Yep. And He's descended the greatest distance
He chilled with sinners and tax robbers
amongst His creatures who to Him were grasshoppers
He dwelt with the lower class, lower men
And those known as trash were His chosen kin
And the unbelieving Jews were sick of Him
They said "He runs with a team of stupid fishermen
And speaks to Samaritans and Barbarians"
Pharisees stared at Him with harsh arrogance
It's shown when the Savior took notice of beggars,
healed the blind and sick and those with lowest of wages
He even touched those with leprosy!
which was seen as the most disgusting known infection, see
Wait, are you kidding me?
watch Jesus go low and wash Peter's toes what great humility!!!
See the Second Person of the Trinity
came down to rescue workers of iniquity
Check His earthly ministry
He didn't make a bed- He had no place to lay His head
But He became bound to His own Law but we found no flaw
was from a rugged town-so raw
He slumbered and slept, hungered and wept and sweated
Plunged to our depth, the sum of our debt's pathetic
The humblest, yet, the humblest death—that's dreaded
The Son is our rest, come under Him- get His credit.

Hook 2:
No question that He's G-O-D
but He laid aside the full expression of His Deity
and surfed the chasm, no words can fathom
how God walked this earth, which is cursed from Adam

Verse 3:
He was falsely condemned by Jews and filthy pagans
Now the Cross-the peak of His humiliation
No discussion. Sure they'd best remove Him
He got the most disgusting form of execution
He who sits up on the throne and rules
was kicked and stomped and spit upon by Roman fools
Despised by Israel, tried by sinful souls
But remained silent when struck by violent imbeciles
And Jesus was able to call down legions of angels
But He was too faithful
Gracious and patient was Him
yet He was hated and forsaken by men:
Jews, they hated His soul, Judas betrayed Him for gold
When it was tough, His crew was afraid, so they rolled
Suckers—they merked Him, this Suffering Servant
was beat up and looked like He was cut by a surgeon
Slaughtered, bleeding, gushing, oozin' blood
The Father pleased to crush Him whom He loved
so He probably didn't even feel the crown and nails
He had to suffer more than to bring down the veil
Our eyes are haughty and our lies are naughty
the Holy Christ bore our sins inside His body
yea, His veins they burst but no one's pain was worse
cause the One who made the earth became a curse!
He was One with the Father's Essence
But on cross the God of heaven cut off His presence
And I can't share any language
that can rightly describe the Christ's despair and His anguish
So forever will I tell:
In three hours, Christ suffered more than any sinner ever will in hell! (It is finished)
He who had infinite joy and pleasure
became a Man of Sorrows so we could join forever.

Hook 3:
He took a cosmic plunge, put on some lungs
on the Cross He became to God a sponge
to soak up His wrath
so wicked wouldn't be sifted and blown into chaff