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The Knownauts - Rise & Shine
(from the album Nauts Landing)
© copyright 2006, microphone astronaut

verse 1
2005...signifies we've arrived
Replenshing your depleted supply of hip-hop stimuli
I am the microphone astronaut
Innerspace explorer, colloquial cosmonaut
I gratuaded from the streets of San Francisco with a
Hard knock diploma so by the time I get to Arizona
It'll be a round of daps and pounds
With my man pac0naut, see we form The Knownauts
Droppin' that cerdaphide sound
Birth from the underground, heard from the thunderous sound system
Now listen, our mission is to inflict the immediate
Atmosphere with infectious rhythms
Spittin' words of wisdom, inspired by the Living Word
To your optic nerve so obverve the vision
See we serve the risen...Son
The evidence never lies, just ask Gil Grissom

Rise and Shine
It's time to take a lil' trip inside the mind
And press rewind
Replay the cerdaphide track as I bless the rhyme

verse 2
2006...transfix your inner optics
Past the future tense rhetoric
In retrospect I figured this
EP to be only as fix for heads who await the full clip
Finally the time has come
Where two nautical minds combine as one within the rhyme and the drum
The sublime becomes a paradigm while I'm
Reflecting sonshine to the blind and dumb
I find the complex mind tends to compromise and complicate
The heavyweight crates with irate statements
Made by Prof. Xavier, Oh wait I see
They ain't Uncanny X-Men but rather X-Ministries
So keep this CD beneath the seedy misled
Misguided who oblige to divide what we've provided
For your daily their assumptions
Is only an excuse to execute destruction


verse 3
2007...only God knows what's in store for
This band of brethren and where were headin'
Maybe by then the underground will be fluent
In this Modurn Languaj we engage in
The Asosiashun of statements
An infusion of dogmatic diatribe
Scribed by the daywalker descendant from the
Tribe of if I described you to a tee
Set some time aside to pursue the truth I speak.