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The Knownauts - Crosswalk
(from the album Nauts Landing)
© copyright 2006, microphone astronaut

verse 1
Oh what a tangled, web we weave
Playing make believe proceeding to only deceive yourself
See, these are the days to sekk His face
Walk by faith and grace to increase your health
No physical buy spiritual exercise
Doing push-ups with your eyes to become word wise
It's necessary in order to survive
Absorb living water until your thirst dies
Now, this diatribe is scribed in thrid person
A sermon to self to preserve the individual
Three fingers point back to the point of attack
Proving this ain't a poignant act to stack risidules
So...let's begin with this
Lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness
And receive with meekness the implanted word
Which is able to save your soul, let it take control

Walk by faith
Faith is the substance, the evidence of things unseen
Not by sight
The infinite, invisible, intercessor, intervines

verse 2
Now in the blink of an eye, I realized
I am walking thru the midst of lies bearing the gift of life
As I, shift your eyes attention, realize
I am an etheral extension to the next dimension
Spending sessions in the studio stressin'
And pressin' buttons hopin' it blends into somethin'
Blessin' microphones with the one known to roam your gray matter
Concept conjourer, Scot the Wanderer
And for so long the stagnant character assassain
Has fed dead passion for panache
Driving this vehicle of rap crashing many-a-times
While dead words about in...many-a-rhymes
Now my favorite past time of rhyme has superceeded
And conceded itself to...conceited speeches
Beneath the surface of rhetorical speeches
Metaphorical masterpieces where the master was the missing piece
And I wasn't better for that forray into swordplay
Hoping one day to be selling home made tapes
In the foyer of the doorway at Amoeba
It's as if the room split once word got out we're true believers
Littering all tracks with words of light while we loiter on the mic
The legendary...well, no not really
Barely a blip upon your radar detector device
Reflecting light into the dead of night