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The Knownauts - Goodwill Hunting
(from the album Nauts Landing)
© copyright 2006, microphone astronaut

verse 1
I greet the weekend early Saturday morning
I recall when I was 12 it was all about Transforming cars
Now it's all about transforming bars
And chopping breakbeats and lukewarm guitars
Which forms the heart and sparks the imagination
For the doctors who cut and scratch and possess the patience
To dig in crates and spark big debates
Drum machine vs breaks at internet cafes
But I treat that all blase
Carpe diem is what I say then I'm off on my way
To the excavation site both you and I know
That if you need to be told then it ain't in your soul
I open the do' to the familiar stale scent
Of recycled clothing on sale for $.99
Head to the back past all the bric-a-brac
To find a treasure trove of tracks that has yet to be tapped

verse 2
Now while the emo kids are diggin' thru the discounted clothes
I grab a chair from the dinnette set and proceed to post up
There's so much vinyl, so little time
Simultaneously searching two racks at a time
Now hold up, should I grab a hand basket before the stack gets
Too high from my divulging in dust jackets
From Buddy Hackett to Herb Alperts Tijuanna Brass
50% off green tags what more can you ask
Now nothing beats the feel of, peeling back
Leo Sayer LPs to see Stardrive peeking back
A vinyl archeologist discovering dinosaurs
Sampling their DNA in order to make necks sore
Unearthing these ancient remains takes a trained eye
As well as a tuned ear which might explain why
These days there's more emcees than DJs
More forms of the four elements currently being paid
Infact...You can genreally spot a b-boy by their backpack
While inside a DJ's knapsack is a Vestax Handy Trax
If I didn't know any better I could believe that
Some folks were birthed with ambilical cords attached
To headphone jacks...with the quarter-inch adapter
Now in The Knownauts crew he's the DJ, I'm the rapper
Spending hours searching for that special somethin'
Forget Matt & Ben, K.N. is goodwill huntin'