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Bar Wars Project - A Track For The Clones
(from the album Legends of the Ecclessia Vol. 1)
© copyright 2006, YSG-Timothy

1st Verse:

'Man I came in the building, seekin, askin, and knockin/
The summer was '85, the people, poppin' and lockin'/
And 'GCI' is was rockin, while 'BMX' it was droppin/
Mayor Washington was in office and hustlin' was the doctrine/
Before it was 'Five-0' we said, 'Here come the Police'/
Then see 'em flyin down the street, in a Chevy Caprice/
Boxed Up-
Blocks stuck to the 'lit' or the 'code'/
We was shorties in the Game, but still deep when we rolled/
See a cipher, now we charged, jo, we gathered around/
To see the battle first hand and witness how it went down/
All in trance, formed as we bobbed to the sound-
'Look how he hunchin' his shoulders and keepin his arms folded'
He grinnin like he winnin and wantin' people to show up/
To hear, line for line, his competition get tore up/
See this is when the music was still driven by poets/
And this is when the people could feel it, touch it, and mold it/ but now...

2nd Verse:

Oh, you copped you a fitted, and you got you a tat?/
You' rockin a 'wife-beater' and you listen to rap/
You know how to dap -
You study, you admire the creed/
Taught to you by some lames, you was buyin' em weed/
Dyin' to bleed for something you know nothin' about/
Get online, try to shine, but they punkin' you out/
See game recognize game, pain recognizes pain/
If you got it how you claim, why we don't recognize yo' name?/
It's a shame when you've gotta act/
Whack when you've gotta act/
'Ignant', call it black as if Blacks don't know how to act/
So I've gotta come at that wit' word, indeed/
And intercede for my seeds and their seeds to be/
Free-er than me-
The Son sets, now we' rising again/
Restorin' vision to the eyes that were blinded by sin/
Buildin' with men, prayerfully seekin' a resolution/
To overthrow this Clone state of mind, the Revolution/ is here...

3rd Verse:

Surrounded by sin, I'm seein' truth and honor distorted/
I glance at the senate's recorder, as I hear the words 'Order/
This hearings' in session.' The speaker reminded me of my charges/
And asked if I had any last words, I said that 'God is/
My Rock...
He shall deliver me, from the hands of my enemies/
And raise up even stronger Kinobis as you begin to see/
The course of this music change, the Source of this music's change/
Is The Most High, you'll no longer call this music strange.'/
NEVER!!! shall your sound be accepted as legitimate/
'Say what you will, Senator, but you'll never get rid of it'/
The heart of rap forces even you to have to let it live/
So even though your Clones' flow's redundant and repetitive/
The sin in which it's rooted's the reason I was recruited/
But now I stand trial for exposin' the fact you looted/
An entire culture, in your drive for power and wealth/
You lie to me, the people, worst, you even lie to yourself.'/