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Bar Wars Project - A True Hope
(from the album Legends of the Ecclessia Vol. 1)
© copyright 2006, YSG-Timothy

Paco-Fett what you done did?/
Givin' us some heat like this right here/
Merckin' the track and I'm so sincere/
It's music to my blessed ears/

The fans? Yeah we blessin' theirs/
Critics?...We testin' theirs/
Haters under-rate us, and so we ain't even stressin' theirs/

Redefinin' rap, Jo, you can thank Christ for it/
Nice with the mic, beat bangin' like a Vice Lord/

Folks heard it, worldwide, both 'Block' and 'Burb' wide/
From Wall Street herbs, to homies hustlin' curb side/

While they let them 'birds' fly, see me soarin' like an eagle/
Pushin' heavyweight like Don King, but it's on the legal/

Nope, I ain't the 'dope Man', this ain't about dope, man/
It's about the Kingdom of Heaven, and I'm a spokes-man/

Still I like mags on Beamers, but not just any series/
Anything smaller than '7', and that's a mini-series/

Only 'cause I cain't fit, like when they said I cain't flip/
A rhyme and say, 'Jesus, The Christ', nawn that just ain't sit/

Right, with the Young Son of God, I've been redeemed and bought back

By the Blood of the Lamb/
I know who I am/

And 'I Am' is He who forgave me, the One who made me/
Who knew I'd need a savior and sent the Savior to save me/

Passionately snatchin' us out of sin we were born in/
Amazing is Your grace and Your mercy's new every mornin'/

I think about, how good You is/
How You've got a plan for all of our years/
You feel the pain that flows in our tears/
Father God, please touch the souls of my peers/

And we can take this rap game, play it how it should be/
Introduce America to where the real 'hood' be/

It's on college campuses, yep, it's where you work and/
What's really sad to me is that the 'hood' is in the church and/

That two-parent home, with a six-figure income/
Your daughter's on coke, and she's trickin' just to get some/

Your son don't talk, and you front, like it's cool/
Till we see him on the news...showin' up at the school/

With your GLOC-9 c***ed back, 'What I thought I locked that?'/
Wanna blame Hollywood, but lobbyin' won't stop that/

Low is the way, pray fast and seek/
We build a house in seven days, while our homes stay weak/

But there's power in the Most High, who reigns above/
We hold it down with 'hope' and 'faith', but the greatest is 'love'/

So if you see me, or you meet me, Jo, you know what you' gettin'/
If we' both kindred in the spirit, the commandment is written/

That I'm to love you with the love that was given to me/
Expectin' nothin in return it's unconditionally.../


Follow the Leader/
We pressin' forward to see the/
Day come to pass when we're free to/
Be who we are, true indeed it's a/


But we' believin' the Son of Man, with wisdom we understand ain't a trial in this World we cain't overcome/
If you believe it, receive it, make up your mind to achieve it, rememberin' our True Hope is in The Holy One./