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Bar Wars Project - Empire Takes Back
(from the album Legends of the Ecclessia Vol. 1)
© copyright 2006, YSG-Timothy

1st Verse:

'I know you feelin' a rush, yeah that's adrenaline/
But now you' finna get crushed, ain't no surrenderin'/
Remember all the years that y'all were hinderin'/
God's Sound, but now, you've gotta let Him in?/
Us wit' it, 'cause we buss wit' it/
In 'Throw-Back' Nikes to show you, 'We Just Did It'/
The Rap Revolution is Love, no lust wit' it/
From 'Zona, up to Chi', down to where Dust live at/
I studied with the best of 'em, y'all made a mess of 'em/
Some, forever lost, but I'm prayin' for the rest of 'em/
'Lock, Stock, and Barrel...B-Boy apparell/
Eye of the on the Sparrow/
Marks wanna shine at my expense I come to 'em/
Do 'em all like finish lines, and run through 'em/
I graduated, I made it, no longer secondary/
But cain't stop until my status is legendary/ and...

2nd Verse:

'Yeah I'm still breathin', still a God-chaser/
Stabbin' out, mach speed, in a pod racer/
Checkin' for where He is.../
Bet 'em up, there He is.../
Now I can carry mine, the way He carried His/
Cross, picked up/
Fallen soldiers who slipped up/
Teach 'em how to battle and give 'em the Name to lift up/
Copy that, Paco-Fett?/
'Roger that we've only got/
One shot to make it hot.'/
Mind cleared, target locked/
Set, armed and ready, the trigger's the track/
They snatched rap/
Off the map/
Now we takin' it back/
Blast on the opposition, our position is that/
All slack is extracted, air-tight for attack/
Fasted and prayed.../
Flashback to back in the day/
We posted up, Troop suit, Starter cap, and some J's/
Rhymed for the praise/
But nowadays the standard's been raised/
As we renewin' what you've ruined and the crowd is amazed that/...

3rd Verse:

Physically drained, battle clash, saber to sword/
Nevertheless I press on, in the Name of the LORD/
Onward and forward, blood shed, body fatigued/
Emotionally grieved/
Yet and still, I've gotta succeed/
He's got what I need..
G-O-D, capital letters/
Initially, industry cats, was happy they met us/
Talked for a minute, seen they were drawn to the gift/
Spoke longer, and I knew, they were part of the Sith/
I pardoned myself, knowing they were strong in the Force/
And could thwart God's plan if they altered my course/
I rose from the table, threw the hood over my head/
Walked toward the door, absolutely nothin' was said/
The silence was dead...
Wait, I see death within the.../
Next few seconds, that's when...I drew my weapon and/
Swung, only to counter theirs/
Timed to the count of theirs/
I sensed death, and it ceased, on account of theirs./'