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Gospel Gangstas - West Coast Rock
(from the album Do or Die)

This is for the dance floor
for you to roll on hold on
I don't have to say no more
I think you already know
and now we gonna show
tou how the west coast rock.
Double Gs guaranteed to make you jump
prod making beats that everybody wanna bump,
pumping in the church and pumping in the clubs
and if you got the humps let it bang in your trunk.
Just slide slide slipadee slide.
Me the mic and step back and
let Solo get a cracking,
if you ready like freddie
I can rocksteady
keep em hot and sweaty
as I drops like a Chevy
on gowans but oh some still aint understanding me
I takes the party singlehandedly
with no profanity
cuz vanity
leads to calamity
and thats insanity
I'd rather rap about the man and me,
who is he,
oh he be the G-O-D
dwelling in the double G
and if hes for me
who can trouble me.
I got em bouncin to the ouncin
I say what counts and,
I see the mike and like Mufasa Ill be pouncin.
cuz if you cant make em move then your groove aint hitting
and if they dont repeat your lyrics then you really aint spitting
but we get props for both sides of
what we do cuz in ministry and music we true,
I thought you knew.

The mic goes around like a pipe and the smoke is vapin
[like vapor] I'm from South Cent-er-ral don't tempt me though I treat the
beat like Figaro and I pimp the flow.
Admit you got to get to hit to spit you scripture as I stand Geed you take my picture.
They like the bang bang boogey up jump the boogey coming through with the Gs we got
the goodies everywhere we go people ask me how we do it,
its just the G and me so clap your hands to it
or better yet move you body and scream
the Double Gs can make you jump at the party.
I got you where I want you dont you like how I come
with the Son he do you like you never been done.
It's all fun flow charasmatic like I was stolic
we treat a vineyard like a 4 wheel hydrolics.

All across the nation we celebrate a second Cd high-ly anticipate it
graduate now the song is in full swing sizing up the powers like we
fighting in a bullring. The music is pumping and Im jumping like a
checker and I got the feeling that Im a sell a million records, but
even if I dont Im a keep my head high sticking out my chest cuz I know
I did my best flow lyrically precisely beats laid nicely, now player
haters wanna act shiesty, but dont hate me cuz God is blessing me and no
I'm not a mark so aint need to testing me. I'm testing the mic just to
see if its too loud 1-2 1-2 let it 2 adjust the crowd. God saved them.
I think we gave em what they came for.
Now in pandimonium they begging for an encore.