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Liphe - Fast Life
(from the album The Eternal Passion)
© copyright 2006

Whoa now, running with no where to go down/
Life moving too fast I wish it would slow down/
Whoa now itís either up or go down/
Life moving too fast I wish it would slow down

Verse 1:
Travel through my dreams like I sleepwalk awake/
Iím on a bake hustle on the grind and make that cake/
Show love to every chick that experienced rape/
To every man that held tears in jail ready to break/
Weíve been forced to hold something we ainít ready to take/
Saw a better life but that frame was ready to break/
Move with stakes to gain, try to replace the pain/
Itís the same problems even when the days ainít change/
Niggas run train, girls try to make change/
Instead we use shame and place hate to blame/
Drug dealers push clips and move with a top down/
Pour liquor for brothers thatís not around/
Said peace to our fam thatís held and locked down/
These brothers fighting waking up another night/
Iím up with cold sweats this canít be right/
Iím asking Jesus Christ like this canít be life.


Verse 2:
Another single mother she be putting in work/
But her baby daddyís a jerk that loves to flirt/
Heís out smoking and drinking, he be doing his dirt/
Times get hard, yeah she begins to kerk/
ĎCause deep down her heart is broke man, she so hurt/
Your manís slipping and dipping and heís cheating for sex/
While your heartís racing and dying and screaming eject/
Youíre a victim of life crying and dreaming for death/
Once thought life was good now the meaning is less/
One word to describe this is defeated at best/
I try to forget and sleep, Iím only sleeping in stress/
Life is moving too fast, itís never seem to move slow/
Never seen the chance and time for a flower to grow/
Seen many tears blow kids with nowhere to go/
Brotherís locked up awaiting death row/
The church family lost God in a spirit of gold.