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Cross Movement - Spare Rituals
(from the album House of Representatives)
© copyright 1998

Without Christ, men ain't spiritual/
They get caught up in a bunch of spare rituals

Verse 1:
I got a feelin’ most of this spiritual mess is just spare rituals/
Dressed in traditional garb--Hip-hop tells a man that he's god/
A contradiction of terms but no one thinks it's odd/
And no one hopes that God comes to reclaim His planet/
When back in the day that type of hope was demanded/
Or should I say the mandate? Now man hates to hear/
Words about man's fate and breaks into tears/
And swears it's no fact that man was manufactured/
If you're down with this world's thinkin' man you're backwards/
We are not your ordinary slum dwellas/
Check the young fellas/
Gettin’ open like an umbrella in the rain/
I still maintain-I tell the truth/
That me without Christ is like the house without the roof/
And you need proof? Well check the average house with no doors/
Or no floors no windows, just empty corridors/
That's what we call abandoned and that's the state that every man's in/
Unless you've asked Christ to come and stand in/
The gap I slap on the jeans and walk the urban scene/
And see mad teens in love and down with the world's theme song/
But check the new song we sing it's Jesus the Christ, y’all long live the King!


Verse 2:
See, ever since I learned that it was more than clichés/
I sought to grab the microphone and put Christ on display/
So all can see that all the way from here to Albany/
There ought to be love for the God who makes the autumn leaves/
Awesomely fall in the Fall time/
Often we draw lines and alter the plans with our flawed minds/
All up and down the F.M. dial/
They make songs about takin' the wrong route and yet men smile/
Yet when trials and tribulations appear/
"God this" and "God that" is all that you hear/
You don't see them runnin' to them BMWs/
When trials of regular human beings trouble you/
There's only one God I know of/
Who does more than create to devastate but demonstrates to show love/
It's so bugged yet not wack doctrine/
Lyrically I throw gloves to tag ya head like we was slap boxin'/
(Ain't that shockin') But did you know? Yoshua offers us relationships/
And not just rituals/
Oh if you know what you gonna bring then bring it/
You know what our thing is it's long live the King, kid.


Verse 3:
See, mankind is opposite God meaning He's anti/
It's called sin a.k.a. the reason why man dies/
Hold your hands high if you want Christ to sub for you/
The only one life who qualifies to substitute/
Who suited up and jumped in the game/
Who moved it up and bumped in His name/
Where an "X" marked the spot/
While planet Earth conversed in the parkin' lot/
Talkin' bout whose god is gonna win/
And at the end of the night when the game is done/
I'm sure it'll be the famous Son/
Who's name is none other than Jesus the one/
I'll run and hug and thank for puttin' righteous blood in my bank account/
When my tank amount was empty then He filled me up, like a tank and a half/
Now from the Bible I answer men like Hank Hanegraaff/
And at man I laugh ‘cause now I understand the scorecard/
And peep the whole scene like a crazy keen store guard/
It's sure hard to prove to men that the Lord is/
More than a name tossed around in my chorus/
Of course it's not some forces in space/
It's my Lord who's sportin' this world like a bracelet/
Taste it that's what we call flava/
Those other gods don't cut it, plus they can't fade like a dull razor/
Y’all raize ya hands if you no longer stand for the wrong thing/
And sing with us: · "Long live the King!"