Show Lyrics

Cross Movement - Who's Da Man
(from the album Heaven's Mentality)
© copyright 1997

(Yeah, tell me) Who’s da man? You know who’s da man/
Tell me who’s da man? Tell ya friends who’s da man/
You know who’s da man. Who’s da man/
Tell me who’s da man? Yeah, who’s da man/

Verse 1:
Check the verse/
There’s been a reverse in the Universe/
It’s God verses human nature/
Creator verses created/
Who made it, and who mated/
Was Jesus God-incarnated, or man-imaginated/
God said He made the earth, just by speakin’ of us sleepin/
Even still He took the time to chill just over the weekend/
Man’s says, “Get the reason be a part of the upper class” /
But God can still move to the microphone or the jawbone of an ass/
Using the foolish things of the world to confound the things of the wiseman/
Look as I run this race and go for the trophy like it was the Heisman/
Man says “God is dead” but even still man dies/
Jesus Christ still lives so evidently man lies/
Tell me who’s da man with the world in His hand/
Is there any? Can he tangle with the blood of the Lamb/
Tell me, can you speak to the sun and make it rise, and in the evenin’ speak/ Again and tell the sun, ”Get out the sky?” Nah/
Can you count the grains of sand on the beach or seashore/
Knowin’ everything ever taught by your teacher/
NOPE! But still this world is yours, so you say pal/
Knowin’ you can go and catch a bullet any day now/
But kill me – you’ll see that Jesus will still be/
Lord of Lords, always was plus He always will be really/
Feel the repercussion of His mighty hand/
Jesus Christ wasn’t man-made, He MADE man!

Who’s da Man? You know who’s da man/
Act like you know who’s da man/
Who runs da show, who’s da man/
Let’s toe to toe, who’s da man/
Blow for blow, who’s da man/
You tell me who’s da man/
We shall see who’s da man/

Verse 2:
Foolish man…
They wanna brand my God, “generic” /
But then they label His Word “esoteric”/
No one here can get with the shed blood that Crips can’t even bang with/
They nailed him to the Cross and there He hung but none can hang with/
The Language Starter, Universe Holder in the palm of His hand/
He’s even got a method to the madness/
All planned—I stand corrected/
All because Christ has resurrected/
Check out the Phanatik breakin’ it down like phonetics/
I’m out of this world without the use of telekinetics/
Giving credit where its due to the risen long livin’, sin forgivin’/
All hail the throne dweller who doeth all things well/
Tell the press: “This is what the Sovereign Lord says” /
Outside of Christ your outside of the Fortress/
His world was born before you said your first verse/
Surly He gets glory or the curse just gets worse/
This is His earth I’m a witness to that fact/
I’m with this plus I’m black/
Thanks to Christ my spiritual fitness is intact/
In fact, his tactics need no practice: the time to rehearse/
Recognize from birth to the hearse Christ is da man!

Yeah you know who’s da man/
Act like you know who’s da man/
Who runs the show? Who’s da man/

Verse 3:
Draw back the curtain, planet earth is hurting for some answers/
They walking in darkness with no lights in they lanterns/
I bring the words of life with a style deadly like venom/
Representin’ Heaven in some boots and baggy denim/
I get in ‘em ‘cause I’m plugged into that outlet from on High/
Born and die to live again, so when this world has gone by/
I’m online like a mainframe you know his name is Jesus/
Self maintained nothin’ to lose and all to gain/
You’ll believe us when you see Him/
Everybody wants to be Him/
God and man at the same time/
Thinking that they don’t with they lame rhyme/
Who spoke and provoked light to appear/
Who can go from right here to there in a light-year/
Yeah! I thought so, don’t let me have to dig all in your torso/
And come out with your heart just to prove that you’re still mortal/
Man ain’t God. God is God for infinity/
Bless the trinity/
Catch me rollin’ with the infantry/
‘Cause He’s into me/
I’ll be changed instantly/
All praise to The Ancient of Days is how it’s meant to be/
Guess Who bless you? Put His breath in you/
Christ is the only right one on the menu/
Them who say He’s not ain’t got a clear view/
He’ll still be King of everything when we’re through/
So where do you stand when it comes to the Blood of the Lamb/
I am that I am.

(Now) Tell me who’s da man? You know who’s da man/
Jesus is the man/
Toe to toe, who’s da man/
Blow for blow, who’s da man/
Who runs the show, who’s da man/
Act like you know, who’s da man/
Tell me who’s da man/