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Cross Movement - Introducing
(from the album House of Representatives)
© copyright 1998

Introducin the Lord Jesus The Christ/
The Author and Finisher of All Life/

Verse 1:
We brings the ruckus when we uplift the gift of salvation/
It was He who came through forty-two generations/
Logos invasion to planet Earth through virgin birth/
The last Adam had come to reverse the works of the first/
He became a curse to become a cure/
The blood poured made sure/
That he who enters by the door will be eternally secured/
What shall I render-surrendered lives are due to Him/
In due time the True Vine reconciled humans/
To the divine union of the Father/
Hearts are altered to the altar/
He died for all walks of life/
He’s the Lord of all cultures/
Perfector, Resurrector, all life is His/
Sin-disconnector, Eternal-holder of the sceptor of righteousness/
Thunderous praise comes from his numberless fleet/
The sovereign King, all things are placed under His feet/
The uncreated, incarnated creator of all creation/
Is to be celebrated in all occasions/
‘Cause He’s the glorious, victorious Victor/
With the greatest victory of all history/
Peep the unveiling mystery/
Of the Chief Corner-stoner, the atoner/
We present to this world the most generous Blood donor.


Verse 2:
Unto us a child was born, a son/
Was given, to be given into the hands of wicked man/
And like a lamb to his shearers/
The Sin-bearer was terribly beaten/
Spit upon crowned with thorns scorned by the heathen/
Still breathen? They stripped him Cat-of-nine whipped Him/
What sin have they found in Him/
For four-hundred Roman soldiers to be poundin’ Him/
Surroundin’ Him with mockery/
Them not havin’ eyes to see/
He fulfilled every prophecy/
To the lower case "T"/
At the cross the cost was paid/
A door was made no more barricade/
Between God and man/
Peace was made by the blood of the Lamb/
That was shedded/
I’ve been reconnected/
To the Creator who is the Resurrected/
Savior, who is the only accepted Mediator/
Unlike those that claim to be/
The fact still remains to be/
The Son of God broke my chains and bore pain for me/
‘Cause when no one else did, He died/
So I can live, so it’s not I that lives/
But Christ that lives within my quarters/
Worthy is the captain of the bloodsport/
Whose blood bought us/
His love caught us/
When we were in sin at every hand/
He broke heavy bands/
When he took a taste test of death for every man/
Come and see we’ve found the One/
He’s the bright and Morning Star/
‘Cause everything revolves around the Son/
He’s omnipotent, omniscient, self-sufficient/
Pre-eminent, co-existent, never distant/
The divine Thriller, the Blood-Spiller/
Void-Filler the Peace-be-Stiller/
The Sin-in-the-flesh-Killer/
The livin’ agua/
The never endin’ saga/
Alpha and the Tau Eternal Father/
Infinite with all might whose shinin’ bright/
With all light Jesus the Christ/
The Author and Finisher of all life!