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Cross Movement - Playa Hater #1
(from the album House of Representatives)
© copyright 1998

Verse 1:
Lightíem up click the switch/
Juice up your watts to the next notch till you find your niche/
I pray God adjust my pitch/
So that my beam comes shining-out clean and rich/
Though I go to illuminate Gods Plan/
Darkness waits for me after the jam/
Now Iím Protestant, which means Iím a protester/
If the world was Sanford, then they would call me Esther/
íCause some think that the way I live is real ugly/
íCause some find sin kinda cozy and snuggly/
Com-for-table but still not able/
To tell real truth, from whatís on cable/
íCause some donít know, when the light starts shining/
It could light your path or it could start blinding/
Or inspire or maybe set fire/
Or blaze up the wicked, just like a vampire/
Whoís been hit by the rays of the Son, ever dawning/
Who rose over sin real early in the morning/
We let the scripture paint the picture/
Then lay back in Godís Holy rickshaw/
Those with the foul mixture/
Tear to pieces like a jig-saw/
But we say "nix yall"/
And leap the pitfall/
Yeah, yeah, yeah, cause the crucifix-yall/
No arguing or debating/
Just set the record straight about whoís playaí hatiní

The foul rip Christ and they just wonít stop/
So be not deceived cause God is not mocked/
For what they sow, theyíre sure gonna reap/
So just lay back and wait for The Thief/
Thatís coming in the night, cause He knows how to/
Creep from Eternity and catchíem like blaaow/
Letís see whatís said when itís all said and done/
When they have to come face to face with Playaí Hater # 1

Verse 2:
If everybody claims to know the problem/
Then how come ainít nobody solving/
Why do the pains of this world keep coming thru throbbing/
Check the tragedy/
The world prefers darkness, instead of His Majesty/

We push positivity but positivity X-Jesus, is positively/
A good attempted at chivalry/
Hard work ethic, and good discipline/
Wonít score points, even though itís good dribblin/
Itís the sizzliní hot hand/
That puts the ball thru the can/
And Godís Tresí blaze far away from the range of mortal man/
You can test? But miss? And itís penalty/
Some slide down to Hell every so gently/
Others say Hell is a conspiracy pushed by believers/
To ruin triple-X sex and take away the real bomb cheeba/
They say itís all natural and try to make it practi-cal/
And say "You can be down with God, even though you living foul"/
Thatís that playaí mind, they playing God to the left/
But on His right hand is the One who rose over death/
So for those not feeling Him and preferring worldly fun/
Then just call Him "The Wrath": Playaí Hater # 1