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Cross Movement - I am that I am
(from the album House of Representatives)
© copyright 1998

Verse 1:
Without the Alaa-Kasam/
God said I Am/
Because God is, without the show biz/
Ain’t no magic in His linguistics/
He is the definition of existence/
Because God is before any thing was/
And God did before anyone does/
From Alpha to Omega without the booooom shaker/
He had it going on long before He allowed Sega/
A Wennobaga will take ya on a long tour/
But He’s got much more than you could ever explore/
Infinite Omnipotent without descent/
Say what He means, means what He meant/
The Monumentous, Mr. Advantageous/
So Magnifico and yet Solo Uno/
"Oh No!" did this mess up the photo in your God portfolio/
Well, prepare for the Bollo/
Cause you know and I know and others do also/
God is displaying and saying, "I Am That I AM"

Forever past; I Am That I Am/
Forever present; I AM That I AM/
Forever future; I AM That I AM/
The Great; I AM That I AM, That I AM/

Verse 2:
In the beginning was the Word/
And the Word was with God and the Word was God/
And God is still large/
Though some find Him strange He can’t exchange/
Or rearrange and you sure can’t change/
Makes Himself known makes Himself heard/
Makes Himself seen all through the Word/
Sometimes a lot a little sometimes in a riddle/
Sometimes when He’s revealing, it’s hard like peanut brittle/
But He’ll break it down into bite size pieces/
With a complete thesis that we can eat up like Reese’s/
Peanut butter cup/
So good, to the roof of your mouth it’ll get stuck/
So you can savor the flavor forever/
To keep your spirit strong and your intellect clever/
Pull the lever, on all the things you think you know/
Shed the dead leaves so you can grow/
And sow and reap and expand/
Humble yourself under the mighty hand of the one that’s saying/


The Bridge: He’s Omnipresent
["to the"-(Alternates)]

Verse 3:
Back on the scene/
The ever existing Almighty Supreme/
The Theme who came to earth/
Through a super natural birth/
To give the worthless some worth/
The Pharisees’ and The Sadducee’s/
Always tried to catch Him up in a freeze/
But please, how could they do this/
Catch the super-cala-fraj-expe-alla-smooth-ness/
Every time they would try to judge/
He would step up to beat down the grudge/
He said "You know your father Abraham rejoiced /
to see my day." They said "Hey!" /
How do you know the father Abraham/
Your not even fifty years old my man/
He said "Verily, verily, understand/
Before Abraham was…, Yeah, I AM!