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Cross Movement - House of Representatives
(from the album House of Representatives)
© copyright 1998


Ainít no stopping us cause what be coming out our esophagus/
Will knock the dust off a living sarcophagus/
Dead men walking, talking, hawking/
In the darkness they be stalking/
Looking for those home alone like Macaulay Culkin/
But when they come knocking, the door be opened/
By my Popís who says, "Come correct or catch the flaming hots"/
He gives two choices to those who never heard it/
Either be deserted or come and get converted/
Even the introverted, in His presence ainít shy/
But scream Jesus Christ equals Elohim and the Most High/
Why got to Hell when you die/
When Christ be giving fresh breath of life like Binaca/
Why be infernally nasty and mean/
When you can be eternally crispy and clean/
And listen to the God who says, "Forget what you heard/
You rep for Me, Iíll rep for you, and thatís my Word, Bang!"


Present and accounted for/
Pound it down for my LORD/
Sound the horn, spit the raw/
Everybody hit the floor/
If the Lord of all/
Has given all for all/
Then why do most of all choose to ball and walk the broad/
Liviní for the minute think-blink-itís gone/
We in the clutch now what, kid? Come on/
Everything we do has a fee that means it costs/
Tru-Life says, "Choose Christ, because Christ chose the cross/


Gospel activist advocates of salvation/
Prepariní for the invasion of Christ/
The Body-snatcher who will soon to come rapture us/
A Kodak moment wonít capture this/
Miraculous event our final call is repentance/
No moon, no star, no crescent, we give reverence/
To presence of the Maker of the heavenís and the Earth/
Who places is first-who can match the worth of the great I AM/
Who blows on man and turns him back into sand/
Godís Lamb, the God-Man with the hard hand turns to ruin/
The wicked and subdues them rescues them who pursues Him/
Renews them whoís tuned into the communion of divine union/
Itís no illusion itís the Most High ruling/
God Ďn human Jesus no man can stand next to/
To whom all respectís due-All hail Ixous.

Micís we blazeíem/
The lost, God will saveíem/
Hands yall raiseíem/
Christ, all praise Him/
No pretendiní/
Thereís only one Savior weíre recommendiní/
Indeed, now letís proceed with the Representiní/

The Ambassador:

News flash, itís the Ambassador known for askiní ya/
Do you know the Master of the world---the One thatís after ya/
Had His Son to die to provide a blood bath for ya/
You do the math and ya come up with love---thatís just his character/
He figured the love would capture ya Ďcause itís spectacular/
Heís cominí back like remakes of Dracula/
Just to rapture the Church, I clap because I know/
Satanís hatiní the fact that youíre/
Heariní of Jesus and the wonderful plan He has for ya/
Some might laugh at ya Ďcause their headed for the wrath that ya/
Canít grasp Ďcause ya a passenger on a path where ya/
Party like a bachelor, max like a Maxima/
Play the "mac" in fact you coined the phrase, "Girl let me rap to ya"/
Always strapped down got enemies all over Crack Town/
I know the hapís now-Iíve got a similar background/
Surrender kid, trust Christ, become a friend of His/
And let Him throw you on a team of representatives.

The Phanatik:

Jesus be the Lord of land, and man, He loves ya/
Rejectiní Christ is lethal like weapons in the hands of Danny Glover/
Any other option burniní in ya chest/
That has yet to stop sin from turning into death/
Needs to be thoroughly questioned before the firiní squad/
For claiminí to have knowledge thatís higher than Godís/
And for telliní people these lives my Dad rented/
Never had limits produciní a world of bad tenants

Cruz Cordero:
I rush da urban habitats where heads be strappiní gats/
Rappiní that, "Keep it real," when theyíre really lackiní facts/
About the Action Pack attraction thatís never slackiní black/
He has everlastiní stats on the map check the atlas/
I attack this phat track wit tactics/
That come from the theocratic palace like Alice/
I wonder in this land if you headz understand/
How the blunder of man put you beneath the Thunderhand/
That wonít slumber, Fam, to sling you like a rubberband/
Down into hell for rejecting the Son, the Lamb/
The eternal Son who was sent/
Supreme first-born who took the worse form of punishment/
Death was performed the curtain tore it was published in/
The Holy handbook that this man took/
For the commission of His coming attractions of Gospel blockbusters/
Blastiní His Word that be sharper than box cutters