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Timothy Brindle - Blessings of Obedience
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1:
I choose Christ over sin, yes, Him over Satan/
To know him better and please him is my motivation/
I despise anything that would give hindrance to me/
And keep me from experiencing his intimacy/
Jesus, we worship you/
Your word says you're intimate with the upright, Proverbs three-thirty-two/
And that's the best reward that you can offer/
So I bless you Lord, cause you said you'd manifest more of your Father/
To those who keep your Word, and those who obey/
So now you come to me and make your home and abode where I pray/
But this statement's true, to you all praise is due/
'Cause its only by your grace, I'm even obeying you/
And even on the best day that I have/
Its only your blood that saves me from facing your wrath, so I add/
Nothing to the work of Christ its perfect/
But still you reward our purity with more delight when we worship.

Its much doper to abide in your love [obeying]
Your much closer though your high and above [amazing]
I feel your presence when my soul is near it [I'm praising]
I'm filled with joy by your Holy Spirit [embracing]

Verse 2:
Lord, you shine beautifully/
How awesome is it that the all glorious triunity/
Would commune with me/
A taste of heaven, now I learn this major lesson/
Avoid anything that would grieve your amazing presence/
Sin's completely deceitful/
But God's commandment's don't withold good from us, they keep us from evil/
And his righteous law serve as an armor/
From that which would destroy, discourage, disturb ya, or harm ya/
So his commands are not burdensome/
So be encouraged to murder sin, to ensure, yo, better worship him/
And as the Godly obey, and not go astray, the Lord/
Blesses all they do, and prospers their way/
'Cause when Christ is the Sun in the center of our solar system/
All our life's planets orbit in their right position/
So make Christ your portion brethren, abhor the leaven/
'Cause our obedience makes for more rewards in heaven/
And these rewards aren't a flossy, golden wrist/
But a larger cup of joy in His sovereign holiness/
So now, seek his peace more frequently/
'Cause his secrecy so sweet you see, come feast for free/
My God you do take me from solemn moods to gladness/
Now I wanna move to solitude to have this/
So I follow-through, to call on you, who's matchless/
You're my meal, my soul swallows food of fatness/
When tempted I cling to Scripts, your lips whole/
Like Psalm 84:11, no good thing you'll withhold/
From those who walk uprightly/
But even this is true helps me from falling into lust nightly/
So I swim in your Scriptures/
To dive inside your mind, and climb to find the rich Word/
I'm searching carefully, your Word give clarity/
To clearly see no worth compares to Thee/
Over great goodness Lord, you stored up/
For those who fear you Lord, put, more in our cup (more of you)/
Blessed are the pure in heart, their reward is/
That they shall see GOD with a more gorgeous view/
Like a blind man standing/
Regaining sight in his eyes, to see a sunrise on the Grand Canyon/
When the eyes of my heart see your greatness it floors me/
So show me the depth of your Love, and Weight of Your Glory.