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Cross Movement - Maze of the Madness
(from the album House of Representatives)
© copyright 1998

Verse 1:
Danger, danger has got me stepping like a Power Ranger
Calling on the power of the One from the manger
In anger, but not in sin I begin
To make my way thru all of this mess Iím in
Itís hard to see so many born faster
Got hate oozing out them like sulfuric acid
Everyday a new thief
Todayís, might want my teeth
To string them all together and make them into a wreath
Brotherís ill, and wonít think twice to shake his boom pipe
Even if I run the jewels, heíll still want my life
Puppyís sick gotta shoot the gospel quick
And hope the truth will hit him much harder than a mule kick
I let him know that if he lets the hollow points spray
Godís got a vengeance thatíll make a flambť
But let me shut up before I provoke the "cack, cack!"
Wish I could do a kick and put him on his back
Not to make him handicapped
But so that I could get away
And have another chance to pray
That this brother would get out of the Maddness

What do you do when lifeís a must
But you already caught the rush
Money, power, lust
In whom will you place your trust
All sin, no question, no doubt
Stuck and you canít get out
Christ knows how you feel
So getíem up in the air if you know Heís real!

Verse 2:
Caution, caution has got me turniní
Tossiní pausiní six million moves, Steve Austin
Check the picture here comes that madd, fly, dime sister
Guess sheís sittiní waiting for her loving money Mr.
I wonder if sheís got time to hear the plan
I see her lips say "Her comes this corny preacher man"
I try to strike one up, I say, "That skirt is fly, is it pleated?"
She said, "Man beat it!"
I said "Why is that the greeting that Iím given?"
She said "Step!", I said "God Bless your soul and keep livin"
And as I walk away I wish there was something I could say
To really make her understand that sheís more than a Chick-filaí
Piece of meat to be bought or sandwich to be made
íCause a little mayonnaise wonít change how your played
íCause the next man bites and the next man bites
And when itís all over itís a terrible sight
íCause when they are done pulling up everything, man itís spooky
You got substance, but float around the bowl
And Godís got a flush for all the manure
Thatís why Iím trying to tell her, to keep her out of the sewer of the Maddness


Verse 3:
Power, power has got me lasting for another hour
Trying to stay alert, awake to the devourer
Though his fate must drag on the Dragon
Satan been hawking to destroy me ever since I was a little man
And even though I know Iím sealed for the long ride
He tempts me to feel the pleasure of the dark side
It gets raw hide in obeying Godís will
The power is in steady spittiní "Itís Written" in his lying grill
And if he wasnít enough to shake roll and rattle
The world is another enemy of constant battle
They invite me in, only to disown me
Build me up to brake me down, till Iím lonely
Lastly I war with myself the most
Today will I play dictator or will I play host
Will I do what I hate or hate what I do
Or donít do what I should or deny what I know is true
This is the ceaseless, keeping it real, kinda war
Not only am I a conqueror but Iím more
So tell my three enemies that Godís got the back of his buddy
So Iím going to my grave with my knucks (Knuckles) bloody
Not in the physical, but in a spiritual kinda baddness
íCause I gotta fight the Maddness