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T-Bone - Hurt and Pain

Chorus: I feel rejction, lonelyness, hurt and pain. God can you
take away the hurt and pain. A soldier struggling in this game so
God can you take away the hurt and pain

Lord how much longer I gotta take it? Playa hatin' an' gettin'
stabbed behind my back. I'm frustrated feelin' mentally
incarcerated. I'm suffocatin' gaspin' for oxygen so I can
breathe. At times I'm prayin' for God to take me away feelin'
ready to leave: This world of misery, jealousy hurt and pain. But
I gotta maintain even though to live in Christ to die is gain.
I'm feeling loney God, wrap your arms around a soldier. And hold
me tight because this world just keeps on getting colder. Wipe
the painful tears falling from these lonely eyes. God one of my
friends betrayed then proceeded to tell these lies. I'll tell the
truth sometimes I fell like don't nobody care. Thats why I cry at
night when I'm on my knees alone in prayer. See I be a comrade
stuck in a war zone holdin' onto my mission. But at times I wish
God wouldna' place me in this high position, cuz people love me
but at the same time some despise me. And its driving me insane,
full of all this hurt and pain.

I'm havin' visions. Wakin' up screamin' frightened sweatin' and
dramatized. Thinkin' about when they broke in my house and tried
to take my life. I remember layin' in my bath tub full of blood,
thinkin' to myself "Is there any love left in this
world?" Cuz nowadays theres so much division thats why half
of my homiez dead and the others spend they days in prison. The
devil keep temptin' me fillin' my mind with evil thoughts but I'm
gonna prevail even thought everyone else said I'll fail. My own
homiez talk about me claimin' to be my patnas but then behind my
back they bad mouth me. Now tell me Judas, why you do me like
Cane did to Able? I showed you love and put the food up on yo'
familys table. While you be jabberin' and spreadin' lies behind
my back. I helped you out when you was down and got you back on
track. Is you a friend or foe? Tell me cuz I need to know. Or is
you down cuz I rip mics do shows and make that dough? If thats
the case then homie heres some change go play the lotto. Cuz my
crew tight just like the corks that be on champagne bottles. Can
you feel me? I'm full of all this hurt and pain, the sunshines
gone, so God please guide me through the storms and rain.

I shed so many tears for all the peers that was down wit' me for
the last few years. Play hatin' a brotha' but worse I heard it
wit' my own ears. Dear God can you rescue me? From all this hurt
and pain, back stabbin' playa hatin' lyin' and jealousy. At times
I feel I can't go on, but I gotta be strong. I'm willing to die
for what I believe in just like John. You wrong if you think I'm
in dis' for the dough like Robert DeNiro, and Joe Pesci up in
Casino. Move to Reno, if thats what yo' intentions be. Don't try
to use the name of God so that you could come up on some quick
money, dummy! Ain't nuttin' funny! Them lies bring hurt and pain
so keep my name up out them devilish lies and realize