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T-Bone - Demon Executor

Chorus: Throw yo' hands way up in the air. Thats the sound
of the electric chair. Thats the sound of demons screaming for
their life cuz I'm the demon Executor hittin' switch tonight.

Comin' out the dirty Bay Area, Northern Cali, its the demon
thoat slasher lyrical wide basher. The Bible passa', quick
ta' blast ya' wit' my loaded tech rhyme
sprayin' bullets from da' top o'da' mind. Cuz
I'm the lyrical miralce spiritual teacher Nicaraguan street
preacha whos out to reach a group a'thugs dat' some
call the X generation, da' penetration o'lyrical
bullets of salvation. So bring the ruffest and tuffest demons be
screamin' when I start dumpin' and jumpin' demons
like a gang initiation, Huh! You wanna mess wit'
da'craziest of'em all? demons bring it on I'll
bang yo' head like a tetherball. Ain't none
o'ya'll finna' stop me watch me gospel hip-hop
till the day the casket drops. WALA! 1997 the demon Executor up
in dis piece. I'm mo' kill all ya'll demons!

I told you once I be the demon head choppa', the casket
droppa', the glock cock'a mista ready ta' hit em
up like Tupac'a. Da' demon bodybag zipper-up'a,
the demon buck'a, the one whos got demons and beans on his
plate for suppa'. I be the nuttiest one in the whole clan
wit' MAC-10's, switchblades and Bibles held in both
hands. Yes I am, the psycho-est, looniest, craziest, demon
killa' within the California mile radius. Chick chick Glock
cock ready ta' drop drop demons anywhere I don't care
pistols in the air ready ta' flare. I ain't in the set
trippin', Blood Crippin' instead I'm in the
mormonist satanic bible rippin'. Lyrically flippin'
lyrics like a quarter in the air callin' heads or tails from
da' hood up to no good. Its the demon body chocka',
da' mic stalka' da' mista put yo' feet in
cement an' throw you off the bridge droppa'. I be
da' one never puffin' on da' buda I'm
da' texas chainsaw havin' demen executor.

Like Boys II Men I got demons “On Bended Knee”(hold up
please)Cuz I kill more demons than Carmen got a whole bunch
o'dem dope LP's. I'm da' demon executor
comin' straight out of ‘Frisco wit' Giants and
Niner gear head to toe O you didn't know? Be da' demon
neck choke'a, the devil smoke'a, the mista demon,
Columbian Necktie get provoke'a reebe pernimena gimme
da' Glock one time I'm ready ta' jack these demons
ain't got no hope, got'em up on my sniper scope. So
blang blang. Blang to ‘dem four. Me commin' up out
da'woods like mista' Tupac Shakur. Who wanna'
sweatin', wettin' ‘dis ORC comin' up
wit' da' lyrical mafioso style you can't believe.
Till the day I die, I'm throwin' up Jesus Christ. demon
executor for life das' right...