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Grits - Why battle me
(from the album Mental Releases)

1st Verse

First to disperse on unrehearsed verses's snatching purses from mc's who Punky like Brewster...
Three times the rooster; crows cause they wack denying this in fact they Screech on my Zach...
Saved by the Bell cause my combinations intact jab uppercut right across it hits exact... Attack like
special forces no mics from the source... It's Bone not the thuggish crew brotha I will get with you...
Get with you when I rip the tape up accapella I swell up like David Banner when he turns into the
Hulk... As I give it to you in bulk and not small pieces for mental releases to set my mind at ease ...
Please... In the dark when I spark a flame occurs your speech is slurred your sight is blurred your
drunken... Intoxicated cause my style is kinda complicated infiltrate it if you can...


Brothas always want to step to me
When they need to be using their telepathy
Sleep when they creep
Awakened by the quake
Cause they don't know, they really don't know

2nd Verse

Plastic MC, what's the matter, do you wanna climb Jacob's Ladder... Slip and fall in the pancake
batter, serve you on a platter... To family and friends you'll be swelled up blue like that bear on
Talespins... For real though, for real though, I tell you some things... Step into the ring, your head hits
the floor and it goes ping... Don't get me wrong not in the physical, but in the spiritual aspect you're
defeated like an Aztec... So go home, fix some popcorn, analyze your callin', Pop "Old Yeller" in the
VCR and start ballin'... But don't come back without the proper diction, if you do, friction, as I freak
you like science fiction... Depiction, a mediator of confusion, perusin' the MC, some full but most are
empty... Now ya wanna Battle a serpent with a rattle... Leave ya in the dust on the count of three,


3rd Verse

My Dilemma, makes things great, when I-I-I uh flips through uh-h-h these states... And I-I-I never
thought about being a MC till one day God said to me... Boy, look here, I got something for you to
do, you can start by startin' on the 1,2... You probably heard me before when I was comin' to the
door singin' the jam that I like... And I will be yo best friend all the way to the never mind the
beggin'... I can start by introducin' my self, my vocal flava, last longer than a cherry Life Sava... Say
what cha say, ah-h-h I heard ya last time in the jam... Settin' in the stand rockin' wit cha man... Um
the Liquid Man, say uh-h-h ga-gam-bam, that's who I am, that's who I supposed to be man... Give
me the sunshine to save my soul, if I turned 42 now, what would you do about it... Nothing, and
that's the same way I feel about you can't do nothin' wit it, um bound to hit it...