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Cross Movement - Heaven's Mentality
(from the album Heaven's Mentality)
© copyright 1997

Yeah I got it, yeah I want it/
Yeah I need it, yeah I’m on it/
Yeah I like this, it’s the hypest/
It’s the brand new mind of the righteous/

Verse 1:
Feel the vibe of a new wave of thought/
We fall short but the Lord God pays child support/
‘Caught up in the rapture of love’/
A whole family that’s been bought by the blood/
And a new mindset is what God gives them/
Brand new rules and new tools for the livin’/
On this earth encased in a dirt prison/
A new talk with the cross sought as the wisdom/
I stopped wishin’ for the ‘ole time religion/
Now I’m drawn to the Bread of Life like a pigeon/
The Risen Son, He’s the reality/
So make way y’all for Heaven’s Mentality.


Verse 2:
It really gets to me-how the world rejects the God of history/
Knowing it’s the tree that gives the victory/
And it’s the key that unlocks the voice box to say, “Love lifted me”/
Now it’s the three, person identity called the Trinity, rollin’ for infinity/
But you know we love death not life/
Wrong not right, dark not light/
It’s called depravity; it’s rotten like a cavity/
Don’t get mad at me, sin’s got the gravity
Pulling us down, every life form/
All the way from Adam to the last life born/
On and on and only through bloodshed/
Could sin be turned to snow white from blood red/
Someone said, “Life’s a ‘b’ then you die”/
That’s because you’re not reborn, realize/
Accept Christ, and new life is imparted/
Bible centric thought is the target (buh!) /
And what this breeds is/
God pleasers yeah fanatics for Jesus! /
Watch us come down/
It’s the believers who’s stompin’ ya town/
Rippin’ it for Jesus and The Cross Movement represents lovely/
Not too concerned with what you think of me/
I break out like an allergy/
And indeed I see the need for the bleedin’ at Calvary/
So while Christ hangs in your art gallery/
Mad souls are being lost like a calorie/
So it’s time to go public for He who/
Is the light with the keen sight that can see through/
All of the modern day pharisees/
The author and the finisher’ of Heaven’s Mentality!

“Heaven’s Mentality: thinking God’s thoughts. For ‘His thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are not like our ways.’ “


Verse 3:
Don’t panic, don’t get frantic, understand it/
Single handedly the Three rule the planet/
And it’s the “Triune Clique” /
That rose thick that our crew gets wit’/
We do be quick to make a duplicate copy/
Bondservants of the same God we serve/
All up in his word/
So we got the knack to put Christ in ya cypha’, ya circle/
The word flows everywhere we go/
Universal-ly, we be free servin’ God you can see these/
Lives bein’ watched by the world like TV’s/
As we represent, the True King Excellent/
Not a next event, He rules in the present tense/
The I am, I slam for the savior/
Incarnate flava’, the Alpha Omega/
The Bleeda’ the Infinite Leader, the whole/
Wide world’s Judge and Redeemer of souls/
Check the avenue, Cross Movement’s grabbin’ you/
Not a braggin’ crew/
We just want to tap into ya mental/
State of credentials, of a man with a better life insurance plan than Prudential/
Plus, trust-follow him like a stencil/
The joint, always on point like a pencil/
Get this new mind and flaunt it/
Once you got it, you want it, you need it, you on it!