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Liphe - Put Ya Lighters Up
(from the album Tech-Know-logy)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1: Tech Omega
Yo i'm sure you never seen ah! guy flow like katrina/
Said my style is I'm keeping it meaner/
Real recogonize real son i've never seen ya/
Sleeping on you well I mean i'ma dreamer/
Blaze spots from b-moe down to Aregentina/
Got a bad shorty by the name of Nina/
I hit the spot and rock see I make it move yo/
I made shorty scream ( Aye Papi Chulo)/
She says the boys hot like I got that fever/
I hit it so hard I made her have a seizure/
The name of the game is nice please believe it/
If you got beef you should swallow and eat it/
I came here to rip emcees into peices/
Blow a whole through ya dome the size of receese/
Leave a foot in ya chest! from addias sneakers/
If you down to smoke grab ya heaters and....

Hook: Tech Omega
If you love rap put your lighters u
(Soldier the Brainchyld)
And love it from the back put your lighters up
(Tech Omega)
If you smoke dat put your lighters up
(Soldier the Brainchyld)
If you need that put your lighters up

Verse 2: Soldier the Brainchyld
See I'm not a lover but I know some karma/
Drop seeds on ya like a master farmer/
I swear I got sickeeer! plus I got strooonger/
Blowin up spots like a monster bomber (BLOUW!)/
Live out any thoughts that my mind can ponder/
And dash with the time like i'm riding a honda/
Ima hansom brother shawty with a devilish grin/
living in sin but now i'm moving with the wind/
were you decided to end is where i try to begin/
You got alot to lose I got more to win!/
You made up ya style I was never for that trend/
Cuba says "that seperates the boys from the men/
Smoke up the maaaang when i'm spittin the flow/
Love music but i'm still down for gettin the doe/
Puffin L's kickin soul when im hittin the dro/
We get the lighters up everytime we kickin ta go.

Hook: Soldier the Brainchyld
If you love rap put your lighters up/
(Tech Omega)
And love it from the back put your lighters up/
(Soldier the Brainchyld)
If you smoke dat put your lighters up/
(Tech Omega)
If you need that put your lighters up/

Verse 3: Tech Omega
Fast moving no time or chance to understand it/
Ran away with music until it got demanded/
I take props son aint no need to hand it/
I'm more stuck up then chicks on black planet/
Stuck and high on life I think I just landed/
The musics like a high that keeps me on flyin/
Every second behind this mic is exciting/
From the groupies and life i'm on and rhymin/
Combinations and timins be blowing my mind in/
Ya say i'm to nice when it comes to writin/
Steadly shinin like Sierra Leones Diamond/
Spit the light twice I make the thing brighten/
Groupies want more I spit the flame/
Kick a verse through yo chest right through yo brain/
Old chess players say that boys got some game/
If you feel how I feel lets do the thing