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Phanatik - Psych Check
(from the album The Incredible Walk)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1
I figured the way to spark it was to corner the market/
And throw darts to hit the target/
Then grip your hearts where lethargic thoughts sit/
And force it to turn like water burns from faucets/
While you think about what Iím speaking about/
Reaching out to each endowed/
With the gift of listening and seeking sound/
Reasoning my sound begins leaking through your speakers then/
Everyone whoís waiting to X-hell can breath again/
CNN seeím when itís season in, season out/
Fall back on that talking less you trying to be about/
What does my skill profit unless Iím a real prophet/
If Iím living ill I can bet you that God will stop it/
Iím just His little sidekick, He is the real object/
When it comes to solving issues He handles the real problems/
What is the deal partner, how you feel shawty/
Brothers are still mobbing, holding that steel woydey/
Boy they know they tripping donít they/
So they only go they own way homie/
Whatís up with your home made remedies/
Temporary solutions are futile and never set at ease/
Plus medically, Heís better please let Him breathe/
Catch your second wind get set begin check your steez/
Before and after Christ/
You go from looking forward to a morbid afterlife/
To a gorgeous sacrifice/
All that for half the price/
Nah itís free/
It only costs faith and even thatís a gift so please believe

Mic check 1-2, 1-2
Psych check 1-2, 1-2 (repeat)

Verse 2
Donít take Him for granted/
Granted He is harder than granite/
The grandest a grand if you can find His grandkids/
He has none, He only has sons and daughters/
Not mom, not grand mom, no one that we know of can know Him for us

(Whoa! how you just gonna come from the chorus
like that and jump right into all this granted-granite type rap?
What ever happen to a smooth transition?

Alright let me slow it down so you can listen)

The man whoís falling thinks heís flying/
Gravity defying, gradually heís dying/
Itís sad to see heís lying to his senses/
Since he censes pleasure he consents his/
Perceptionís distorted by a few things/
His sin, Satan and how societyís moving/
Now he can drown and go down with the ship/
Or jump and swim in Him who is found in the Script/
You mightíve heard of Christ the life preserver/
Came for the nice guys and the type that likes to murder/
Tonightís the night for mergers/
In this life you might hurt up/
But in Christ you can rest at night just like a Serta


Verse 3
If God aint moving the earth is boring/
Thatís probably why the radio heard me snoring/
Four in the morning head fell on the horn/
And I woke up yawning like whatís going on and/
Same goes for the video shows/
Catch me dozing when the videos donít show Him/
I blow in to the room like mist/
I just wanna see whatís got you throwing your fist/
If itís truth then keep them hands pumping high/
Like that cause thatís sweeter than pumpkin pie/
But if youíre high on a lie man I canít say nothing/
Iím looking at the Lord like man why they frontiní/
Maybe they donít know that itís on like that/
But teach cats not to sleep like insomniacs/
They try to pass us the weed and the Cognac/
We stopíem dead in there tracks like whoa!/
Kind of slow your roll/
Like traveling over cobblestones carrying a Conestoga coach/
Iím wielding the sword of the King/
Kind of like the thing Aragon was born to swing during The Lord of the Rings