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Cross Movement - Lower Case Gods
(from the album Heaven's Mentality)
© copyright 1997

Lower Case gods bow down to the capital/
G to the O to the D who be rulin'/
Lowercase gods bow down to the capital/
King Jesus is Lord, yo who you be foolin'?

Verse 1:
My God anoints so I be on point just like a cactus/
Fact is, my tactics are blessed with the phatness/
(Oh yeah) Here I come, coming from the Kingdom/
I bring them good news that say they can redeem them/
Who's He? Ooo wee, I thought you'd never ask me/
Jesus the Christ with life everlasting/
King, Lord of all, Planet Designer/
Diviner, clothed in a robe of shekinah/
I'ma find a phrase that conveys with exactness/
Who He is, check it y'all - Mr. All-thatness/
Why attack this with that anti-Christ wackness/
Slow your roll, let Him be the Lord of your blackness/
And your whiteness/
Any ethnic type—it’s all pretty dim next to Him and His brightness/
I'm on a roll, I aim for the soul/
I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold/
Hold all the chatter cause the data I speak/
Is unique, it convicts with every tick of your heartbeat/
I know the code of the street/
Curse, rob and kill, smoke weed and wear Tim’s on your feet/
Eat, but you don't feel complete/
You feel cheap, you can't sleep, your heart's bare like a pantry/
And ya rather not think so you drink/
On the brink of blaaow! But now I've got the missing link/
Wake up, sleeper, and rise from the dead/
And Christ will shine on your head full of dreads/
Pure blood shed on the ground/
He wants to be down/
With you, so why ya frontin' now/
Lost earth is my stomping ground /
And at the cross the lost can now be found/
You'll never find another love like this/
Christ is the hypest true sacrifices/
You might just get radical, fanatical/
He'll make ya flip and have ya gettin' acrobatical/
The only bridge over sin made capital/
Lower case gods bow down to the capital.


Verse 2:
Strange, out of this world, they call me loco/
But I clocked it, my optic was bifocal/
Uh oh, I saw myself for what I am—dust/
Plus, saw my demise if my eyes stayed shut/
What was I to do with this death in my face/
The crew, blunts, the brew, or get saved by His grace/
I fantasized and I analyzed, understand me/
(Ambassador...) You shoulda heard the lines that He ran me/
My Man, the I AM, the Slain Lamb/
He died for my sins, every nook, every cranny/
He'll seek us and reach us, this Jesus/
And He, man He, can He... forget it, I'm speechless/
Now my flava's major, it be boomin'/
Consumed in Christ, now I'm a new type of human/
I'll be a light to the hip-hop type/
Lovin' to kick it with the wicked it's day meets the night/
I glow in the dark knowing the heart's evil/
People hate good because bad be lookin' diesel/
Nobody wants to be right, they love error/
They're a prime target for the sin and the terror/
The never will end 'til the trumpet is heard/
A white horse comes in-the Rider's name is the Word/
But until then, I'ma fill in while I'm buildin' up the Kingdom/
And I'll bring in the villain/
Kill a man's will when this love comes at ya/
You say you got hand skills, but His gloves are faster/
Master, sovereign and factual/
Lower case man can't stand, bow down to the capital/
Lower case man bow down to the capital/
G to the O to the D who be rulin'/
Lowercase man bow down to the capital/
King Jesus is Lord, yo who you be foolin'?


Yeah, King Jesus is Lord! Y’all besta’ recognize, open ya eyes (Who?) He’s Jesus the Christ. Yeah, word! Check it out have you heard? The Lord Jesus—comin’ at ya’, ha
(3X) Check the avenue, Cross Movement grabbin’ you
Bow down to the caps—to the capital God. LORD, all caps, all caps, Mr. All-That.
‘Nuff shouts out to The Cross Movement (oooh). Raise the banner, raise the banner, raise the banner, ha peace