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Liphe - Mic Supreme (Original)
(from the album Free Your Mind)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Tech Omega
Not feeling the Tech is like having unprotected sex/
And not even worrying about AIDS/
Not gonna happen, my sound never fades/
Cut through foes like blades/
Freeing your mind from barricades and cascades/
Not out to get paid-I rage war from beneath the cage/
Iíma still rap, even when raps out/
ĎTil I lose oxygen and black out/
ĎTil when these thoughts crack out/
ĎTil I canít get a track out/
Punches I pack out like Lenis Lewis/
At times I said screw this/
Other times Iím like NIKE ready to do this/
So screw wishes things happen for a reason/
So I pledge allegiance for forever preaching/
Forever breathing, stay true never cheating/
Carry mics stay heating, most ainít beating/
I bring knowledge in doses coast to coast with this/
Others on bones like osteoporosis/
Fooling with a bunch of jokers/
Iím never out to sell, I ainít the dopest/
But you canít smoke this

(Soldier the Brainchyld)
Mic supreme

Verse 2: Soldier the Brainchyld
With a whirlpool of wisdom I drown deep in thought/
As a child who appreciate what the elders taught/
I meditate Ďtil ideas clutter the brain tissue/
Whoís real, whoís fake, these are the everyday issues/
I search for truth Ďtil I find proof/
My mindstate has matured and advanced since my youth/
Relax like I had no care the path I choose/
And spit fire every time that I enter the booth (AHHH!)/
My mind travels and wanders to territories unknown/
Create my own kingdom and establish my throne/
Most love to socialize, but Iím the type to zone/
Iím the cat thatís seen by many, but by few Iím known/
Now your mindís blown from my words and my poems/
Itís like poemís I serve words, and hit you with adjectives and verbs