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Power & Dominion - I'm comin to you!
(from the album All IV Jesus)
© copyright 1997, Efrain Alicea

Lord oh Lord please help me find my way back to You
Cause every time I try there seems there's nothin I can do
To set my path right to try to walk the straight & narrow
People try to help but I think that they just can't know

How I feel as I walk through my life on earth
Trying to figure out if I should kill myself or is it worth
it For me to try to live according to your Word
Every time I pray I don't really know if You've heard

The tears and the sorrows that I'm going through
Wonderin every day if my prayers even got to You
Walkin around like a zombie, just flesh that has no life
And when I come home from work I just ignore my wife

Each day goes by all I can do is wonder why
No matter how it hurts all I can do is cry
I fall to my knees my eyes are burnin cause they're full of tears
I cry out to You and all I can do is share my fears

And so I hope and pray that you listen to me anyway
No matter what the outcome there's only one thing I can say
Lord, help me as I try, help me as I cry,=20
Help me every day and I'll never ever ask you why

I'm comin to You to help me live my daily life right
I'm comin to You to help me live correct before your sight
I'm comin to You because without You I'm nothin
I'm comin to You, Yeah Yeah

I'm comin straight to you Jesus
Cause I don't know what to do
You have the answers to questions I'm asking
And things I'm going through

So one day I read a book about the Rapture and what it means
To be left behind and all alone and it truly seems
That I'm not ready that this book was meant for ME to read
No matter what I've said or done I never truly been freed

From sin & selifishness and lust, the chains that had me bound
Until this moment I was lost and never found
But I should let you know that that was yesterday & not today
The Lord found a way save me some how some way

So now I can say that I'm free from the chains of sin
And in my heart I know that some souls I'll win
As I preach the gospel of the King of Kings
I want you to think about every little thing

You do you say, how you act every single day
& what you think about & ask yourself if you can say
These things, in the presence, in the sight of all
If not you better listen up or your gonna miss the call


Lord I don't want to be left at the Rapture
I ask You show me how
To be ready for Your Second Coming
And that trumpet sound

That call will come some day in the sound of a trumpet blast
I'm tellin ya ya better be ready or your gonna be cast
Aside and the ride that will be ahead of you
I wish that no one would ever ever have to go through

So keep in mind that we never know the day or the hour
When Christ will come back and demonstrate His super power
Christians will vanish in the blink of an eye
The world will be left tryin to figure out why

Why didn't I listen when they came to my house to preach
Why couldn't I hear while in church & they tried 2 teach
Me the truth about the Son, the only way 2 da Father
How could I have thought that all this was such a bother

Now my wife is gone, my son, my cous I'm full of fear
I'm so scared about my tomorrow I can't even shed a tear
The Tribulation is hear and I feel like I'm truly lost
And the price is my soul....what a cost


So as I come I ask that You help me
And make me truly see
Open these eyes to my future beside You
And things You have for me

So don't be one of those kinda Christians, not hot nor cold
Don't be lukewarm cause all it means is that you're sold
Out to Satan, not sold out to Jesus
The One who can truly please us, appease us and relieve us

Be a disciple, stand firm, proclaim the truth about the Savior
He is our Lord He is our Mediator
Invite Him to guide you, live deep inside you
& every day give thanks because you know that you'll be new

You'll be a new man or woman a new creation
When He speaks to your heart its like a revelation
No, more like illumination, cleansing you of frustation
Preparing you for that what's it call? The Tribulation

You'll be ready when you hear the trumpet sound
No longer will you be held by those early bounds
In the twinkling of an eye we'll meet Jesus in the air
Lord I'm comin to you cause I truly want to be there


Lord I thank You for You're my Provider
Your Spirit lives in me
For I long to be by Your side Lord
And Your face finally see