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Mars Ill - Effortless
(from the album Pro-Pain)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1: manCHILD
I was born at the break of dawn, raised by the breakbeat/
Breaking all the rules set in place to try to break me/
Break or break a check one-two seven-oh-eight-three/
Shake up the system on Peachtree and 8th street/
Down the block from don't stop, barkiní at you/
Talk is cheap, i invested in speech to raise the market value/
Danger's all around the world same song/
So I light a fire with any forty acres that Iím placed on/
Stay strong in the eyes of adversity/
Play on through the heat, wave and rise as the mercury/
Applied to the you and i, verse to ear right now/
Burn style, then return with a slight smile/
Miles past the open season and the warning shots/
I know the reason I was born to rock/
God pumping in my veins, love encoded in my name/
And Iím the only soul who can conquer this terrain.

Navigate the treacherous, make it seem effortless/
Run like the wind, then fly like a Pegasus/
And where you at? Iím right here livin' it/
Tellin' everybody don't stop until it finishes/
And where you at? Iím right here givin' it/
All that I got because life is never limited/
Looks like a short walk, actually an exodus/
Navigate the treacherous and make it seem effortless.

Verse 2: x-144
I walk on this plain to sustain love's reign/
Not afraid to go against the wind or winds change/
Pray as a hustler, let the love settle/
It's a shame our adversaries break skin or mettle/
Iím Ďa pursue the goal until the steam breaks the kettle apart/
To start the search for excellence within experience/
Leave trails of crumbs until we shed food for thought/
Then walk as an exodus and pass it to a million/
Accidents turn to tragedies in search for fear/
Seven seas were drawn by the drops of seven tears/
Misery turns to sadness, madness becomes clear/
Doubt is no longer an issue amongst our peers/
Confidence is not mistaken for ego stare/
Hip-hoppers no longer affected by what they wear/
Nine-to-five slaves are free from what they bear/
Grace is no longer susceptible cuz no one cares/
Water is now free of me percent is seventy/
Hell is no longer on earth because the mind is heavenly/
Focus on the purpose to modify what's not guaranteed/
And move fast than the slower that decorated by treachery.


Verse 3: manCHILD
Mountain to a mole hill, river to a stream/
Make the complex simple, turn an army to a team/
By any means seems like it's your only option/
And a riot now resembles nothing better than a mosh pit/
Oceans a puddle and a hurricane is rain/
Obvious is subtle and complicated is plain/
Debate is conversation and wild things are tamed/
Torture's only pain and change stays the same/
Terrorism, revolution, slavery, and restitution/
Gotta give it all to break it up and get it movin'/
Dark is transparent so we slice it with a flashlight/
Xín out your circle, blow the spot like a bagpipe/
Livin' the fast life, project slow motion/
Just so you can get in which direction that i'm goin'/
It's the common denominator, love child moderator/
Got a lot to say to all of y'all but Imía stop till later.