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Cross Movement - Cypha Time
(from the album Heaven's Mentality)
© copyright 1997

Cypha’ Time! Yeah, The Cross Movement
Up in this piece y’all
Yeah! Cypha’ Time…

Kingdom building, peep the blueprint/
Who brings the Gospel to your town? The Cross Movement/
Kingdom building, peep the blueprint/
Who brings the Gospel to your town?

Introducing God the Son who delivered you from sin/
Influencing humans to commune with Him/
You and Him can be one in unison/
We who praise the One who saves with the true flav/
The Savior’s more than soufflé/
We come off like toupees/
The new phrase/
Advocates of the Theocratic Rule/
Nomadical, radicals comin’ dead at you/
Like heat seekers we’re meat eaters down to the gristle/
The Word of God chisels your middle/
When you read these living epistles/
The Gospel Shooter passin’ out tracts like a producer/
Get used to these new psalms and hymns of the future/
Rout for the winning team/
We pollute the main stream/
With “Jesus is Lord” as the main theme/
Never change scenes when it’s time for action/
We bring your focus to the main screen where Jesus be the center of attraction/
The Lord’s suffering, the pain brings healing/
To all colors, creeds, salvation is granted/
100% satisfaction guaranteed!

From the door I bring it raw from the realm of the spiritual/
King Jesus and His amazing Grace be my lyrical/
Crux so when the mic gets touched/
I erupt, like Vesuvius/
Because He blew me up/
And yes He knew just what I needed/
To slow my speed and plasma leak/
Being lower case “t”/
In just a touch of love just a little bit/
For God to become man blows me to obliterate/
So when I hit you with the mind of the Infinite/
His Scripture sticks in your heart then I give a twist/
The human race is born in sin, can’t win/
From our very first breath ‘till we’re gone with the wind/
We need emergency surgery/
‘Cause every time we breathe our life expectancy is scurrying/
Down the road like Toto, the Scarecrow, and Dorothy/
You wanna get on bow to Jesus authority/
Can’t get in the game without a ticket/
No Jesus, no rescue, no heaven….dig it?

Brothers be screaming: “What’s this new thing/
Looking like a Christian Wu Tang?” /
My crew who hangs loosely and we tie tight like a shoestring/
And if you think you’ll invade/
You’ll get stung by styles sweeter than 23 honeybees/
Funny, see these God wannabe’s/
Don’t meet none of the criteria/
They miss the mark and end up way out there like Siberia/
But from there to Nigeria/
I swear to ya Jesus Christ is Lord over every inch of every area/
Join the bandwagon, the more the merrier/
The stereotype from now on/
Is brothers in baggy pants on to the corner/
Kickin’ the gospel like Jackie Chan/
But the baggies and boots or suits and ties are optional/
so long as the disagreements ain’t nothing doctrinal/
Now if you got the floor and you think you can hold it down/
Then you can spark a movement of the Cross in your hometown/
And when your finished with this tape and the music/
If the Cross ain’t done yet, then neither is the movement!

The Ambassador:
Check the way we stepped in/
No weapons when we elected/
Heaven’s protecting us like a good investment/
We never need a vest when we step in to your section/
Nor a Smith and Wesson ‘cause in Jehovah’s arm we rest in/
Eternal Life we don’t deserve it/
We’re worthless, but God is perfect/
The Servant worship, He’s worth it/
Word it’s a sad life we be living mad trife/
There’s mad strife, some grab pipes/
They need to grab Christ/
You say: “It’s over” /
I’m saying: “Hold up! Here comes Jehovah/
Who saves always like Coca-Cola/
Throw your hand up behold I know a Banner/
The true Manna-A Lamb for a world dirty like Diana/
Turning sins whiter than Vanna/
No it’s not Santa but the Alpha who was raised like Gamma/
The Omega who could save the world, and a/
Always hang around you like a tourist with his camera/
Can the Cross Movement drop God’s propaganda/
The Word potty trains you, God’s got the Pamper/
Yeah, watch the crew unite the two, mics and grammar/
Something clean for your head like a white bandanna/
Sin’s a cancer spreading like the legs of a dancer/
But there’s an answer/
It’s the Christ blood transfer/
The God-man’s an ambulance for sin sickening/
Who knows their life is going to end like this stanza/
So now I hand the mic to my man/
The Tonic who drops the real deal like Evander (Holyfield)

The Tonic:
We stick and move with the blast of a cannon/
So we can display a life that’s smooth like Dannon/
While working on the Fruit of the Spirit we keep it creamy/
‘Cause when you got a promise, who needs a Genie/
Or a rabbit’s foot, or a lucky coin/
Can’t nobody beat Him so you might as well join/
Ok, who’s Christ’s equal? Who is the balancer/
Who can tip the scale? Who is His challenger/
What man, what myth, what relic/
Would run to the grave? Let the empty tomb TELL IT/
And we’ll take that fact to a city like Ninevah/
Kicking down lies like a Chinese cinema/
When some come with the nujitsu spiritual voodoo/
No worry the Spirit will defend like a sumu wrestler/
Long as we keep professing the One that/
Stands between the extremes of sacred and secular/
He’s more concerned whether you’re saved or irregular/
And if your life is standing perpendicular/
And if your extra-curricular life pattern/
Conforms to who you were born to be despite Adam/
That’s why the Cross is the place God stressed/
For those that will receive and take it to the chest.

Ah the Cross Movement
All up in your area
True Life, Ambassador, The Gift, The Phanatik, Enoch, Cruz Crudero
Yeah Jesus Christ be my hero!