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Antonious - Deception
(from the album Good Vs. Evil)
© copyright 1998

[(Devil) and Antonious Speakin]
(Sup Antonious) Yeah
(I see you're still tryin to be like Yaweh) That's right, that's right
(Told ya, you belong to me) What?
(You know you down on my team, yo) Man, what?
(Rockin them shows) Man you trippin yo, straight up
(Yeah) Yeah
(Stay over here in my camp, I give you all the riches in the world)
What ever man
(Everything you ever wanted, fancy cars, nice clothes, jewelry)
Man I gotta put you under my feet everyday dont I?
Thats what you want me to do everyday aint it?
I aint even gonna trip wit you
(I think ya scared of me)
Scared of you, man the Lord has not given me a spirit of fear
But of love and a sound mind
(Yeah) That's right

It's do or die when you're tryin to live your life right
Despite all the pain and depression
I gotta go through tryin to let me light shine
In tha darkness, presist to cut through the midst
Need help wit this, sometimes it hurts me
But I cant stop swingin my fist aint no way Ima let that devil work me
Lord, give me the help so I can avoid hell
And touch the brothers in the jail cell
Holy Ghost can you give me the words to say
I understrand that my flesh is fail, but unless I tell
I be runnin in vain and God knows that I'm ready to change
Cause its now the same, its a shame I'm gettin out the game
Antonious, bold soldier steady on this thang
Wake up, early in the morning creasing my jeans
Perry Ells, livin swell, but who can tell
There's a war goin on inside of my head
Devil get up in my face and my eyes turn red
Cause I fell in my head the Holy Ghost be strong when I'm wrong
Cause sticks and stone may break my bones
But when its on its on so I gotta be strong
Playa, and seems everyday I wake up its a big ol fight
Caught in the middle of wrong and right
The first thing on my agenda pleadin the blood
Askin God, if he can spare my life
Makin a scarafice of praise
Hittin them knees cause the way I've been behavin needs to stop
Cop any love for the shorties comin up in this thang
So I'm puttin down to lock
Satan pullin a deception

[(Devil) and Antonious Speakin]
(You still makin changes) I'm changin
Dont you know this world is mine?) This world is God's
Where's your God at now?) In the Holiest place
Aint nobody here but me and you) You wrong devil, you wrong
Oh, is that right?) That's right, you heard me
It's my time) Dont you know man I'm gon judge angles
Above you not beneath you
(No) That's right (No) In the name of Jesus I bind you up
The Word of God says, whatsoever is losed on earth
Is also losed in heaven (Dont you know this world is mine?)
And I bind you up right now
That Word says whatsoever is bound on earth is also bound in heaven
(I'll be back) And I bind you up right now
Devil I put you under my feet right now
I command you in the name of Jesus to flee right now, huh

Deception.... Deception
All the devil wants to do is cause deception
All the devil wants to do is cause deception
All the devil wants to do is cause deception
All the devil wants to do is cause deception
Deception.... Deception... Deception

[Antonious Speakin]
I here to let ya'll know, not to be fooled by that devil
Cause the devil is here to rob, steal, kill and destroy
Breakin up our families, breakin up our hoods
Its time we put that devil in his place
Thats right, in Jesus' name
Its our world, its God's world
Dont you know we gon judge angles
Above and not beneath

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