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Peace 586 - The Difference
(from the album 586)
© copyright 2001, Peace 586

[Verse 1]
Now several times in my life I was confused
Thinking, now matter which way I turn
I'm bound to lose
So I choose who's ears gets to hear my greef
In hopes I get some wise words for relief
My belief is that
If I'm seeking wise council
I'm bound to get a mouthfull
Of vital information
That I can truly utilize
Or continue shielding myself
With a new disguise
No surprise cause the bible says "deceit"
Those who speak wisdom
Get me to return to my peak
Its weak, when you hear
The whispering words and I'd intended for you
And your ears to infer, word
Disturbed is the emotion
That I'm overcome with
When some punk kid opens up
To start something
Mad bump this
Sometimes I wanna be cold war
Cause it seems like I don't wanna
Stay peace no more

[Chorus - 2X]
No need for listening to
What my squad say
All them whispering words
Or what them broads say
I'm only interested in what god say
That's the difference from
The easy and the hard way

[Verse 2]
I gosta tune them out
They filled with doubt
They try to make me go out
It's what they all about
So what I do instead of bombing
I stay calming
Keep senced as common
Now listen to them timing
Ticking hurry
So I put to bury
The lies
And stick to every line
That guy's tryin'a tell me
To help me elevating and climb, word
Not just in rhyming
But in everyday times
Now when I need insight
I might ask someone
But believe me this person
Will have the same problem
Now experience teaches it's only things akan
And when there's nothing else
To be learned put it in god's hands
Get the tripping it's of those
That make the record skip
And get them out your ears
Only god can clear the clouds
In your head the only thing that's heard
Fuck your squad
All we got hoes the perfect word


[Bridge - 2X]
Now if you know the difference
Then you know your straight
You can go the distance
Even though your fake
If you know your missing something
Don't delay it
You should only listen to what god say

[Verse 3]
It's not my way
I learned at May of 80 sates
To maintain a healthy pace
I focus on his face
Incase I lose my place
All I do is look around
Planted on solid ground
Not tripping not falling down
My calling is 'sound ill'
But I keep it going in D
Cause god told knock my hommies
And not even me
And that's the difference
From these fools who rhyme to
Just, bust and think
They cumming off, is a must
And I guess, if you stress the fact
That you ain't wack
It's gotta be somebody else's possibly
Now I got a lot to see
And I'm not tryin'a be cocky
Or claim to know it all
Only know my call
So falling ain't really an option
I'm hip hopping
Cause god told me to continue droping
No stopping

[Chorus - 2X]

No need, no need, no need
God say..
God say..