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Ohmega Watts - That Sound
(from the album The Find)
© copyright 2005, Peace 586

Pick up that sound 4x

They did it again, they did it again, they did it again

(Othello + Braile or Rez?):
What you hearin now is not a test (TEST)
Fix body sittin, move with finesse (NESSE)
Don’t need to stress the fact that we’re fresh
Right this mindstate continue to bless lifes in each state
With rhymes from Stro, baritone in the zone
Othello with the molotic flow, bring the soul home
And the first up greet you is the funky prez
Better know to many as Rez (And he’s Off!)

Arrangment and progression and dyamex confession
The man, when we’ll crisis to songs in this profession
Assume with the rhythms of life in this complexitis
As simple as sound compulse or most found recipies
Sonicly constricted and I ain’t even draped it
The soundscapes we make is just to escape it
When styles get old, and the music is sound stated
We write with love and God’s appreciation

My buisiness is this just to get down (DOWN)
Gotta a lotta bounce and i surround without a doubt (DOUBT)
Heard of ya fence, hop over ya egyptian style (STYLE)
Brother man is passin what you fillin in the sound
When we release, make city boys shout (SHOUT)
Country bumpers, bumpin and move somethin out (OUT)
It’s the method of The Procussion and Lightheaded direction
Brake me blessin and in this session will last the impression

(Stro The 89th Key):
I’m at war with the compostion, written an illa fire
Find a moment of truth, serenaded, I got followed by
The final movement, transcriped
Triple me the time G made the dominent seven
Go inside with the author
Rhythm and words written to minester
Hope in the book of life, my key signature’s found
Soon after that you won’t see me around
Wake up ya’ll, here comes that sound
Are you listenin?

(J + Stro)
Now when we get together to see, hearin the other
Fresh to the letter, ill vibe go get us
Turn it out if you let us, now turn it up it get’s better
‘Cause the next one is a set up, MC’s to flex nice
Trail with the passion of delivery endless
The J make ‘em say, “man I’m feelin the jam”
Ohmega Watts make the body rock hotter than july
Turn it up a notch, put your hands to the sky

Liquid, lyrical Braile, I illuminate the back drop
Get open over the track cocked back, and blast off
??, ?? spittin rap and wisdom
Got Dj’s scratchin and itchin’ as i appears the vision
Shockin and rockin it, Ohmega Watts, mega hertz
An electric surgeon, mention from the underground emurstin
God’s workin first, and with the rhythm rippin till i burst
If you thirsty chickens let me purify the verse

(The J):
Yo yo!
Hear the god giving rhythm your heartbeat
Driven of 4/4, this is what the musicians was called for
The soundwall we found on the pound drunkskin
Me and the melody tellin me we standin for somthin
(THE PROCUSSION!) Just a part of the R
They started doin the father part of lightning the dark
We write in the marque, ignigting the mic with a spark
Soul literature pick through what he write from the heart

(Ohmega Watts):
I got juice, supply, amplify by the mega watts
I’m ohmega, watch me and the crew (ROCK RHYMES!)
In a classic school fashion, long lasting flavour
Tell a friend, tell a neighbour (THAT)
Misbehavior’s not factor when we master the art
And control crowd bringing the sound heard from miles around
Travelling through the ground, got soul by the pound
Spread the word or tell about this fresh sound that you found

Pickup.. pickup that sound.. They did it again, they did it again x4

Sound off!
Braile Brizzy and i’m blessin the mic.
Rezinint in the place and we keepin’ it hype.
Sound on...


Sound off!
(Ohmega Watts)
Ohmega watts, chop, dig and design
(The J)
Yo! This the J only livin’ to shine
Sound on...

Sound off!
Othello with the heart in the rhyme
Stro the 89th key but my real name’s Brian

*Scrathes+ “We’re off!” + fading*

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