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C.M.C.'s - Spiritual Warfare
(from the album Everyday Death Sentence)
© copyright 1996

time to go to war man
I put the sword on my hip when its time ta
go to war cause I'm an evil spirit grinda
say I'm kinda, sorta like a mockin bird
hopin they can show me up in cuffs because I told a word (?)
It's absurd on announce this is spittin at me
And gettin at me hopin they can kidnap me
with the darkness to pull me in sin, loc
But that's when I let Ephesians 6:10' smoke
I got Power from High cause I'm Born Again
never step to a Christian, you better warn a men
I'm risin up with Power from the first day
puttin in work till it hurts in the worst way
I burst stay, so hand me the Communion (?)
plan, I'm doin a fast, I've been born to Mass
of unclen, unseen, I'm mean
isn't this, this is war, isn't this
are you a soldier?
are you a coward?
are you a warrior
or are you a spiritual buzzard?
You a spiritual buzzard
ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa...
If the devil rises up and try to profit ya (profit ya)
You just get busy on the fool like you in Bosnia (Bosnia)
plead the Blood and he better raise up off a ya (off a ya)
As a Christian we be stickin like the Mafia (Mafia)
Ain't no break in the rank, we be makin mo gank
In the midst of this war you won't be takin a 6
niether will we back up, or niether will we retreat
we're not in just knee deep, we're totally deep
no matter what happens, I simply don't care
Cause they got my back and I got theirs (yeah)
It's one thing to let the single rock
But nothin works better than comin together with our fingers locked
one could put a thousand to flight, 2 put 10,000 to flight
I feel the Spirit arousin a might
call prayer at midnight
the war is on, if you're on you better get right, yeah
You defeated in Jesus' Name
You have no place, the Victory is ours
we're takin our rightful stand
In Jesus' Name
Ephesians 6:11" says put on the whole Armour of God
so Take Dog where you at? come on and lets tell 'em

when it comes to the devil I'm the first one to hit him up
And he swings I'm the first one to get 'em up
war ain't a thang for the G
homie 4 life, its the C H R I S T
the devil is my rival, I'm liable
to hit my knees and go to the ghetto and start Revival
I mean what I say and I say what I mean
If you ain't down with Christ then you on the losin team
it seams, some Christians wanna trip up, flip up
But I'm on keep fightin till I give up
In the tray, its okay
everybody just bow their heads in a moment of silence as we pray
everybody think its a gang problem, a drug problem
But we need to pull the curtains and understand the fact that
It's a demonic problem
And the only way we can fight that
is through spiritual warfare