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C.M.C.'s - Ain't Nothin Change
(from the album Everyday Death Sentence)
© copyright 1996

5-o-clock in the mornin, I feel a nudge in my spirit so I woke up
thoughts travelin thru my mind of what happened, I feel a tow up, yeah
just the other day around the way there was another shootin
and I was up all night, prayin and rebukin
demons off the city that I live in
I know the spirit is willin, the flesh is weak, still I can't give in
too many of us want a free ride
thats how you get caught up, homie, and ensnared by the dark side
the devil lurks like a roarin lion
and ain't no love in the world, the only One to love is here in Zion
come unto Christ and you'll see that it's a lot better
I know it's gonna take some time to get cha life together
forget about the past, you just keep on goin
you sow the seed, so believe me, it started growin
Jesus came down to show his love
and the way that it was done was the shed blood

Don't it seem kind of strange
how every thing seems to stay the same
no one really wants to change
they still wanna do the same old thang

[Daddy Free]
Daddy Free, Daddy Free, w'sup, who callin me?
you return to your vomit, now you crawlin, G
dont it seem kinda strange, brotha can't even change
you stuck up in the game, it's a shame, yeah you to blame
I'm thumpin pride, and please, fight for wishin top (?)
forgot the word that you heard and I saw you drop
stop, look, and listen to your heart and what it's sayin
I'm tryin to save you from Hell, ain't nobody playin
the path you walkin down, dog, thats the wrong road
spirit closed, no emotions, your heart is cold
many times I seen you try to do the right thang
but then you give up on your efforts and you wipin with your gang
big tone try to tell you in the first verse
and now we watch you get put away, then it hurts
I see the lonliness and pain in your eyes
the question you should ask ya'self is why

[repeat chorus]

Yeah this the CMC's
we just wanna let y'all know it's time to be real with God
so he can start bein real with us
but we must first be Christians before we anything and it's a shame

how many more homies gotta die, how many more babies gotta cry
how many more bullets gotta fly, how many more sacks will you be flippin
before you quittin, the way the Grim Reaper gets you slippin
you say life is a game and only the strong survive
thats a lie, cause only the Saved survive
let me take you back, bout 12 years ago
when I was in colors, me and my brother doin the same old

[Daddy Free]
then change came, and then change was made
and those who didnt change stayed evangelo the grave (?)
but now the blinders is off, and it's clear that
it gots us doin thangs we did ten years back
same hood, same colors, same places
new clothes, new faces, but still it's the same cases
bein caught on the daily, it's the same
and it's shame ain't nuthin change

[repeat chorus 3X]