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LMNO - Always
(from the album Leave My Name Out)
© copyright 2001

With enough jump
Take the knuckle out your head
Expressive, aggressive, sensitive, ?breadrin?, Excedrin
Binge, cringe at the sight
Of wasted talent afraid to shine bright
Suicidal career kept broke too long
We had to separate because we weren't getting along
Work it out, masseuse; get rid of the kinks
(Now I wanna pound) this beat (until it stinks)
Unwind your mind, you're walking on the dotted line
Nine, danke
I'm fine thank ya
Bust them like Canadian Customs
Rush 'em, then we dust 'em
Spring cleaning crews, yo, we hush 'em
Muzzle and a leash for direction
Puzzle's missing piece
Get the connection?
With truth there's no hidden dimension
It's in God's hands once we let him

[Chorus, 2X]
I gotta, I gotta, I gotta
Always improve
Always must move
Make the grand groove
I gotta, I gotta, I gotta

Start time
Run tape, drug free escape
Against one's faith there is no debate
A rolling stone ?woolie?
No thank you, I just ate
Put us on the flyer, watch the crowd populate
Vibrate, fill the heart, palpitate, drop the eight
Fifty dollars later got me thinking pretty straight
Never no hurry flash, we just couldn't wait
Live lines for the release date
At least state champion, that's what I'm on
Winning team driven by a dream chaperoned
This microphone clean-cut
Propadelic, tell it how I told it
Wrote it, tracked it, packaged it, sold it


** Long string of I gotta's **

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