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LMNO - Lift Up
(from the album Leave My Name Out)
© copyright 2001

My path was broad but now it's narrow
I listen to pastor, not tarot
Reserve the room for improvement
Start in the feature self-list
It's difficult to live like the title
The ride will get rocky
That won't stop me
Straight ahead on foot or jalopy
Nobody or anything is going to stump progress
Unless He allows it
God's the word
Take notice
Ask me who wrote this
I'll say He's ferocious
Note this
The closest persons now the furthest
I guess I do deserve this

We need to lift up
Li-, li-, lift up
C'mon now, li-, li-, lift up
Everybody! Lift up! Li-, li-, lift up
Each and every! Lift up! Li-, li-, lift up
All people! Lift up! Li-, li-, lift up
The whole world! Lift up! Li-, li-, lift up
Don't stay down! Lift up! Li-, li-, lift up
C'mon now, Lift up! Li-, li-, lift up

Let's stay complete before due date
Just upon sight some think I do skate
I unplug stereo types
Hook the phonograph up to one speaker
_Mono_ y _mono_
Used to be scandalous with Steve Yano
Converted, I dwell with God's children
Besides, Grandma preferred it
Alerted, I kept my eyes up
When I drink from the stream, dear
Know what I mean
Spankin' clean is how I stay
In Long Beach outside of LA
I serve a purpose here on earth
Probably won't see the fullness of my worth
Depressed thought, aiiyo, where's that yes-guy?
Yes brah, because they keep passing it to me
'Cause "no" isn't in my vo-cab-u-lary
You weep? No, I tried, sorry family


Bubblematic, I have suds
I would give them all to you if it help you not to grudge
Wrong tactic, look at it
As a bad habit, addict, dash it
Quick to chalk
Last to walk
My claim, your shame
Just to get those beats out of hock
The North American continental shock
Charge of love, lo-, lo-, lo-, lo, love!

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