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Gospel Gangstas - Truth and Funk
(from the album I Can See Clearly Now)
© copyright 1999

[Verse 1]
I take time and holler at the Father, what y'all call praying
Trying to ball all day and while y'all playing
You can catch me on the grind trying to make cash money
Checks from execs y'all can have the fast money
I think of past money how it came how it went
The women stayed spending from the game I present
We hustled for the Bills and did the same for the rent
With Hennessey and Mary Jane on my breath I repent
Striving everyday to change my ways
Gotta watch the things I do and say
Those don't understand the choosen few
Criticize the way I roll with my crew
Switching lanes in a drop standing on the rock
I hit the block and blow the spot
Peace shod on my shoes creased 501 blues
Asking what you gonna do?

What you gonna do when he come for you
What you gonna do when the game is through
Line up a day late and you won't find us
You better make your minds up before the times up

[Verse 2]
Hustlin hustlin ballin ballin
Got to exit these mean streets cause God is calling
Got no time for stalling soon it's gonna be judgement day
You can run and try 'n hide but you can't get away
This a way that a way which way you gon' go
I once heard 'em say what you reap is what you sow
Either crap out or hit the lick back down
I ain't telling what I heard I'm telling what I know
Used to think that life was bout ballin'
Doing big things making shot calls
Didn't know I had the game twisted thought I knew the truth
But I missed it
Oh what you gonna do when he comes for you?