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Gospel Gangstas - I Can See Clearly Now
(from the album I Can See Clearly Now)
© copyright 1999

[Chorus 2x]
I can see clearly now
Game down to a science so they feel me now
Seen the light so my eyes ain't weary now
Turn it up holla back, Can you feel me now?

[Verse 1]
I bounce off the freeway, Ricochet in a chevy
Up in L.A., Hit your hood and park valet
Ain't nothing you can tell me, Or dream you can sell me
Tell me if you ready, Holla if ya hear me
Smarter than the average, Learn game from a savage
Never sell your soul for the fame or the cabbage
Men make the money, Money never make the men
I found money make men funny, To some it make 'em sin
I learned a lesson bout women, Hide your cheese if she mouse like
In other words, you can't turn a rat into a house wife
You can't lie to me, I know you got your P.I. degree
That's why I shake you haters like the ivory
5 plus 2 more reasons, I'm thinking alligator shoes
With the pedal on the cruise, In lincoln navigators
I ain't mad you hate us, Cause we got papers
The dj's play us, Yellin ''jesus saved us''
Rockin wit the majors, Vacate in vegas
Gone til november if you need us, you can page us
B-Rite paid us, Now millions awaits us
To get the crowd moving to a track meech made us

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
At ease, Freeze, Feel my vibe about to serve something phat
Holla, Hear me right, The media taken up, who they want to force to live like that
Making power moves, Lacing hot tracks for my zero's
While pubbin up my hero, I gizzown, Wizzown, Dizzown, 2 triple o
Stakes in the game heating up, I'm tweaking
God opened up the door, Ain't no need for sneaking
Worldwide, Name known, 2 g's name owned
Everytime, On the road, Do a show, Love shown
Motivated by christ to give it all that we can
Around the world in a day cause we in demand
Do you love me? Riders never sleep
Would you sub me? Bouncing in your jeep
While the thugs be hanging in the street
And the clubs be moving to my beats

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
I'm swazy, Life knock hard like jay-z
When interscope want a bomb hit, They page me
You know what like, Orville Reddinbocker, I keep it poppin baby
We bout to take you on a journey and you can't stop it baby
They say i'm crazy, Cuzz I act like this
Tour the world, And got the dance floor packed like this
I wanna live life the rich and give to the poor
So, We can all have dough and educate to get mo'
Check those, Wreck those, That get out of pocket
While they melting like chocolate, We the ones makin profit
You can't change mines, My lyrics got hang time
Beat so tight, If you could see it, It'll be throwing up gang signs
Non-alcoholla, With faith to move a mountain
You holla, Wit hundreds steady counting
Giving god praise, Come and drink, From his fountain
But turn it up and holla back, While you bouncing

[Chorus] - 2X

Can you see what I see?
Can you feel what I feel?
Throw your hands in the air

[Chorus] - till fade