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Gospel Gangstas - I call your name
(from the album I Can See Clearly Now)
© copyright 1999

[Verse 1]
Please oh please try to feel my vibe
Haters give 5 feel, y'all kill my vibe
Forced to hustle and use muscle in this cruel world with no guidance
So I really had no choice but to resort to violence
Strike the lanes in a '83 Caddy Brougham
I got to look up to my G'z cause my daddy's gone
My momma was daddy I bought her a card on father's day
Though she showed me the path of safety, I choose the harder way
Hit the streets got some heat proceed to get paid substantial
I had to hit the block and set up shop for my financials
My grant is cancelled and I don't play sports I'll never see college
So I hang in the hood and got a little street knowledge
Sometimes I wonder why I always missed the task raid
And why I don't die when they blast me with the gage
And why I'm not the same changed drastic in my ways
I know the reason why momma fasted and she prayed
Told me to get your wealth look out for sell and watch your health
And whenever in time of need just call on God for help
Stack your mail aviod a prison cell
Now faith in God and paying tithes got me living well
Don't kiss and tell but your fools got me crossed up
This my creation player hation get you tossed up
And it's a shame if you don't leave the game
You're bound to meet the flames
you better hit your knees and call his name

I call your name when I need you
And you always see me through

[Verse 2]
I'm ginuwine not a copy and you bustaz can't stop me
All you can do follow the rules take notes and watch me
Bail pick up the phone gossip make a gang of cells
Tell'em Gospel Gangstaz here to take it all you hope I fall
I'm not the fall guy homey you picked the wrong guy
Your mind done tricked you into believing your own lie
Look I keeps it Gospel and Gangsta at the same time
You get sick I pray you disrespect and I'm a take mine
Cuss God and this westcoast gangish made me famous
Beats and lyrics offl the hezzy for shezzy but can you blame us?
Runnin like a wild pack of coyotes you can't frame us
Property of committee soldiers but you can blame us
Trying to own benzes and skyscrapper paying tithes with high paper
Got the whole industry trembling while I'm chewing Now n laters
They can't fade us don't get mad because the played us
I'm down and dirty bout my scratch making fools take haitus


[Verse 3]
The notion believed is that we are on some other type stuff
But the fact of the matter is we just tuu rough
I can talk about this but I choose not too
Cause the rules of the crew is rhat you stay loyal & true
Don't break rank dogg put God first see that's all we can do
Never have loose expectation because that'sbeing unture
See I done left the game but Game never left me
And when a thug comes off the street
he can never really shake his rap sheet
my whole purpose is being right and making cheese
and I know in order to do that I gotta stay on my knees
having a paid for home and a navigator that ain't bad
but uh catch me if you can


[Verse 4]
Meanwhile everybody laugh and played they games
I just sit back with my pad taking names
Seems strange looking back as I reminisce
on how it changed and that's has come to this
vide I get this rhyme I get begins
my mind just flips this phyco never end
life's a trip if I could get away from the game then I would switch today
and change my ways
it's just a phase I must go through
if your mind start playing games what you gonna do?