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Royal Ruckus - Hip-hop manifesto
© copyright 1998, Jamey Bennett

CHORUS: we're 3 white boys and we know what's up/ hip-hop is our thing so kiss my butt/ Jesus is the Christ that's what we believe/ if we too deep for you then take yo crew and leave/

VERSE: my name is cleva I bust rhymes on the mike/ about that pretty girl the lady that I like/ and when I rock the house I hear alotta cheerin/ and I talk about the adidas that I'm wearin/

I'm flatline here hittin hard on the keys/ bustin dope beats that take ya down to ya knees/ I'm down with God's daughters in a major way/ I treat you like a princess and I'll make yer day/

I'm j-dog and I rap phat like a king/ make you wanna dance to this funky thing/ suckas who challenge say blah blah blah/ but I drown it out with tight ska ska ska/

Repeat Chorus

VERSE: if we were wack we'd hit a trendy sound/ but we are phat we weight 10,000 pounds/ all braggin aside we're devoted to JC/ I'd die for my Jesus 'cause he died for me/

and I hate when chumps wanna mock us/ we keep it real for Jesus don't fight and fuss/ true hip-hop we run the sound of our crew/ execute mc's like Fu Manchu/

like who? well anyway, I just wanna say that/ you should watch out yo while I step up to the bat/ I'm the kid on the beats flowin in the back/ but now I'm in the front showin my styles ain't wack/

props to you kid 'cause your beats is the bomb/ to take them suckas out who play like saddam/ Royal Ruckus in the house we bang out phatness/ 3 white boys rollin with that Royal status/

VERSE: making hip-hop is what we are about/ beats and rhymes with life to make you scream and shout/ kuz we're so funky and we like to drop beats/ to put a smile on your face and make you move your feet/

we are down for phatness we're RRP/ been diggin Jesus rap since PID/ got a hip-hop education from LPG/ found endless fly grooves from SFC/ in love with hip-hop like Bone and Coffee/ we're above the ground like Dynamic T/ and we're white boys like Gotee/ plus we make the best music like LA Symphony/

so in light of that critics listen real close/ we're hip-hop heads down for the Holy Ghost/ we are not ashamed of our Lord or our skin/ we'll keep making music even if we don't fit in/

Repeat Chorus