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Gospel Gangstas - Once Was Blind
(from the album I Can See Clearly Now)
© copyright 1999

[Verse 1]
I'm living life on the run will I end up in jail or die by a gun
Can't hide when they come y'all know where I'm from I ride with the Son
My outlook on this word is from a G'z perspective
Find those in a life of sin get 'em born again is my objective
Bringing pain like method, but I'm west coast cali tried and tested
Recorded and pressed it the force is aggressive everyday people die I address it
With my street education and my organisation get the sword inmy waist and
Could you come to my rescue? Lord cause I'm facing a citation
and it's kind of hard to get the picture cause my frame is shattered
My dog took 2 to the back of the dome left in back of a brougham with his brain splattered
Why do the good die young I heard a voice say
Go back to the hood my son I'ma wipe they tears away
So I took the under route back grab my word then swere can't leave without that
It's the Father's business gotta be about that committee got my back
And yo can't doubt that I'm about that trying to make some scrill gotta pay those bills
I'm out to make a mill if you gonna do his will you gotta stay real

[Chorus 2x]
I saw the light he shines on me
I once was blind but now I see

[Verse 2]
Hustlin everyday and night trying to pay the rent
My momma smoked up here on dope so the money's spent
Ccorrupted by this ghetto living drive by's and killing
The preacha's paid and I'm broke so I can't feel him
I know the Lord is watching me but he gave us free will
I feel that's what's stopping me cause I'm in Love with my skrill
My mind is on deep meditation about me and God's separation
I don't do his will going to hell is my calculation
That's a sticky situation knwoing what I'm facing
Sin had me pacing repented with no hesitation
He brought me from a life of sin sin drinking gin gin
But now I'm saved so I know I could make it in
I try to tell my friendz that's going out ackwards
They either dead or in the pen or somewhere scattered
So I hope and pray God bless all the G'z
and open up they eyes, Loc, jut like he did me

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
I opened my eyes and I visualize my current state
No God no faith and a dirty slate, sipping "8" with a life full of hate
Never see the pearly gates unless I make decisions in a hurry
In a worldly state my minds reprobate my visions blurry make amends in a hurry
Deep in the race keeping the pace and keeping the faith
My buddy T-Dub wasn't evil as the people he faced
They found him dead up in the streets with the heart in his waist
Lord give me the grace to do your will if that's my destination
Called to win the lost, my guesstimation
Bobb your head as I bless the nation

[Repeat 4x]
I saw the light shine on me
I wanna thank you Lord for saving me

[Chorus] - till fade