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Gospel Gangstas - Questions
(from the album I Can See Clearly Now)
© copyright 1999

[Verse 1]
What can I do now that I'm under pressure?
Was always taught to give my heart never settle for lesser
Although the weight of the world seems like it's on my shoulders
Can't break the heart of a soldier but got me getting colder
I hear these voices in my head tuggin me persitent
Sometimes I think I should pray but feel I'm too distant
Or will he listen I heard the Lord don't hear sinners prayer
But recognize your time of viitation when it's there
No moan can come to the Father unless the spirit draw him
Mutilated with the thorns on his head would of been me
Seen the nails in his hands should have been me
Lord help me cause temptations knockin at my door
Started with a little sin then watch it grow
I can't contrl it it's too strong now it's controlling me
I wish to break away free but it keeps holding me
Maybe the kust of the world's the reason for my treason
But the plesure of sin lasts only for a season
And dear God can you please help me understand
How sin could be so wrong yet so fun to man
And why didn't you kill Satan when he wasn't true
But then again who am I to try and question you, never question God

Dear God if you can hear me let's have a little discussion
Though they told me as a child never bother you with my question
I just need some direction and understanding, tell me what to do
You just told me to have faith and never question you

[Verse 2]
Lord I see the Light tell me am I blinded?
Or nothings wrong with my sight you just never shined it
Though I don't deserve it Lord tell me can you bless me?
And pray my faith don't fail when the devil come to test me
Won't let it stress me but the bills late and rents due
The same thing last month a nigga went through
Don't wanna gang bang or slang 'cain to maintain'
Have to have me on the floor repenting for the same thing
Every other day it seem impossible to break free
And when you come back for your people Lord take me
And make me a child of God and all you had to say
Was everything is new and old things is passed away
Don't question God, but you have not cause you ask not
I lost homiez on the street that's in peace casue they blast not
When you gonna punish out oppressor? But it's up to You
Why do the good die young but who am I to try and question you?


[Verse 3]
My momma always told me Chille' baby go to church
Stop drinking erk & jerk get a job and go to work
But I proceeded to sell dope that's just the thang I was into
They never knew bout the raids and shoot outs I been through
Living lthat G-life a sergeant with G-Stripes
Trying to stack mail and avoid jail strikes
Neighborhood rocker-fella a walking ready teller
Forced to live in the underworld so I could libe my life better
No cashmer sweaters khaki's braids and some chucks
Come around my hood I'm the forst to hit you up
Tell me what would a Gee do?
Well you really don't know cuzz you ain't walked in my shoes
The county blues got me heel toe toe
I know banging was wrong but it was real though
Sometimes I lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling
I wonder why L.A. got all the killin
Wonder why you changed my mind and start revealing
And the Spirit's so strong I can't fight the feelins
Once again I ask myself what would a Gee do?
And the answer was clear I don't have to question You

[Chorus] 2x