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Gospel Gangstas - They Don't Believe That I'm Saved
(from the album I Can See Clearly Now)
© copyright 1999

I got compassion to heal to ill and faith to move mountains
Got 'em asking for us platinum plus but who's counting?
God driving hard hittin and large livin
Lavish get the cabbage establish and start giving
Make a decision relationship or religion
Thug living I'll end up either dead or in prision quinton or rikers
Quick to three strike us they don't like us
Plant and I pivot with my life and I live it righteous
You got some small papers you fools is hardly major
Look how the hood made us pray and ask God to save us
Evading the haters rolling regals and Chuck Taylors
And still can flip the script in Mavigators and Aligators
And I ain't mad at you haters

I explode like napalm hot like cayenne chosen words spoken
Make 'em focus like sitcoms
do the math can't no other stand up to me
I'm rough and rugged like I stand up to my peeps
I'm set apart and this here ain't just an art it's a life style
fake smile I test ya heart if it breaks then we separate the real from the fake
before you perpetrate first check a few
shows I wrecked a few now my accounts stable I'm able to bless a few
just an act slow down whoa now I'm the type to drop the mike and
prophecy to the whole crowd and when I'm done I'll have 'em slain in the spirit
Keep it real so everything I'm saying they can feel it
Hard core half prophetess part professional lyricist stick with the flow

Hey Hey Hey
Could it be the way the track was laid? [They don't even believe that I'm saved]
Could it be how frequently the videos played? [They don't even believe that I'm saved]
Could it be the way they playa hate cause I'm paid? [They don't even believe that I'm saved]

I lay my hands on the mke and heal it release power
Make the whole world feel it
Tie ya style up and kill it I'm like turpentine
When I spill it flip the cards as he deal it
Unveiling the plan as he reveal it get to breakin for the faking starts
I'm blazing charts wanna holla but I'm breaking hearts
And shaking marks and the shady type
The Christian walk's a daily fight I flow like the crazy type
But still lady like went away but he's coming back down to get me
Shoes and a gown and crown to give me
Satan try to bring us down but miss me
God rules everything around me can't nobody clown or diss me
It'll come to pass like prophecy
Ani't no stopping me better believe it's gona take a whole lot to get me


Call me Chille' Snipes starring as blade on this track
Don't get out of line I'm down to ridefor everybody on this track
Fe fi foe (mmmmm) I smell the blood of a petty MC step up if you want some
Got demons on the run like Bruce Jenner
They all drop like Niagara falls when the Spirit enters
Tell me who's the winner yellin Domino I hold the spinner
I'm a veteran don't gamble off your soul big spender
My agenda is to infuitrate (mmmmm) let me see
Put on a platinum album and watch it penetrate
See sin disintergrate if you ain't real by now you been a fake
I's a brawl time you small time we the heavy weights